200 years ago Marx advised entrepreneurs down valuation site Analysis of Taobao recharge software i

customers will pay for the steamed stuffed buns, which is not for cash, or for mobile payment.

but some entrepreneurs just have to learn Internet Co’s "valuation thinking", telling investors: "I’m not profitable, because I want to get listed, to expand.".

but my views are not acceptable to anyone. Readers say that you’re too narrow, and startups are going to have valuations.


first, a lot of free Taobao recharge software beyond count greatly small Taobao recharge, free software projects such as the network, click on the hook, investigation, registration, voting and so on, are everywhere, continue to have the old station closed down, there will be new birth, so, from this point of view, Taobao recharge software is free don’t stop, as long as you want to operate these free items, you can find the new station. But we should also see the limitations of free Taobao recharge software, it can bring wealth for you is really very difficult, can be said to do these free items only earn some money, most suitable for novice Peng Yougang joined Taobao recharge software learning and experience.

for valuation thinking, I have a clear bias". Because I think, as long as you want to do business valuation, will not do a good job of products, do a good job of service. You won’t get talent, or you can’t make money on your feet – Investing – making money – investing again.

finally, talk about the current popular Taobao customers, and this is also a lot of grassroots webmaster and Taobao recharge software people love!

this time, rely on the "valuation" to support the dream, investors rely on "valuation" continuous investment. Until one day they have enough users, and find a profit model.

, the Internet era, everything is online. For example, Tencent, Alibaba, sh419, beginning from a very small product start, and no profit model.

The age of

Abstract: enterprises want to do "valuation", they will not do a good job of products, do good service. You won’t get talent, or you can’t make money on your feet – Investing – making money – investing again.

so they have to consider the daily profits and losses. And the steamed stuffed bun shop can not continue to obtain the quantity of users like the Internet, and can not tap other profit models besides selling steamed stuffed bun.

this article follows "financing 3 billion, expose those who cheat the capital under the cold winter entrepreneurs", talk about "valuation thinking"".

is officially open, and the service of the steamed stuffed bun and the store is almost the same.

has changed, and valuation thinking is unworkable.

therefore, there is no need for valuation thinking. Only by improving the taste, reduce management costs, get more repeat customers, through word-of-mouth brand building.

second, investment Taobao recharge software project can continue to do it, now Taobao recharge software cheat very much, there are many tricks, in the face of such a bad Taobao recharge software environment, you choose to give up or go ahead? I believe that many novice on the shilly-shally. In fact, the investment class Taobao recharge software also can not do it, although many swindlers, but as long as we seriously find, there are still projects that can be done, such as some well-known foreign HIYP fund investment station. Of course, the investment risk is big, earn will naturally lose, with the reality of this stock is the same reason, so, want to do investment projects need to understand that friends heart to prepare for, do not see the pros and cons of too heavy. There are many investment projects, whether domestic or foreign, in order to find suitable for your project, we must practice.

what do you see, Carle, ·? Marx was criticizing you 200 years ago,

, for example, open a baozi shop. Through the Internet thinking, good tasting, improved buns taste; engage in trial operation, improved service short board.

in fact, this is a deception. You can not make a family store dumplings money, you use the investor’s money to open 100, and the same will not make money. Please, >

then I will specifically for this debate, we can read this article in the debate.

now a lot of entrepreneurship, do not belong to the Internet industry alone, and more is the Internet technology, Internet thinking entrepreneurship.

has experienced a long Taobao recharge software after the downturn, many of you will be on the Taobao recharge to the prospect of a skeptical, because of the present situation, this environment, Taobao recharge software for most people is too little, the real project will be less and less, liar tricks, deceptive it means never stopped, even compared with the previous ifheavier. Network money, really make money now can have a few people, and these people who can continue to earn money? How long can you hold? Ask, Taobao recharge software really can not do it again?

believes that the above problem is the most Taobao recharge software people’s voices, especially for some new friends, just joined the ranks of Taobao software, not to earn money, my heart always feel not the taste, have the urge to give up, this is a normal phenomenon, who is likely to start on the Internet to make money, not to pay, the return, the reason we all understand. The software for Taobao recharge slim people, how to stick to it, after all, nothing to do so will really have a way out? Nobody can be sure to answer if you can really make money, or how to earn money, then we can see Taobao recharge of the software industry.


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