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5. to find a core selling point, you can flagship private, communications quality, high-end communications, etc., anyway, there must be some differentiation.

1. users have no meaning, only meaningful data.

3. is, the better voice calls, voice calls, IM, video calls should be added.

for the new project, I will tend to design, then "put some time" instead of getting started immediately. Of course, we don’t have time to invest in R & D right away. Putting it aside will make the idea mature and get more feedback from outsiders to improve the design. A App may have been able to correct several prototypes before it begins to encode and fix a lot of details.

, a brand new gameplay, soft operators

to answer this question, I turned several voice IM field startups recently surprised to find that people are not going to WeChat Sike, they simply stare at is the market operators.

I mentioned that the cicada team is still relatively effective in compressing the cost of the process. This part can be talked about and may be of some help to others.

about project

about a full version of the flow

is the most dangerous road ", but can not be said to be narrow, communication must be a huge market. You can look at the overall market value of the operator, which is a trillion in the market, this value will gradually peel out, WeChat a product must not finish."

minority IM interesting logic: the value of operators will gradually stripped out,

so far, although we have only done a cicada travels, in fact, did four other App design, but there is no time to research and development, first put.

project is like this. I usually start with an idea and chat with you. If you don’t encounter strong opposition, talk to a few of your family and friends. When I have a little bottom of my mind, I see Axure prototypes out of the same kind of products – which will soon be no more than two days. But it may also be found in the process of thinking is not reliable, and then gave up.

of course, the above algorithm is too idealistic, but it can be seen that minority voice IM is promising.

!" From this point of view is:

currently on the market there are a lot of small, vertical voice IM, such as IM, the main communication couples private private communication, the number of target users of these products often only a few million, compared with WeChat, it is a drop in the bucket, so that the number of users is low how to establish the business model of


then I put my visual copy into my cell phone and when I met an acquaintance, I took it out and showed him how to evaluate it.

the latest data, China Mobile ARPU is 66 yuan, if the small voice IM can cut 10% of them the income, namely 6.6 yuan, multiplied by millions of users, the monthly income can reach 6 million 600 thousand.

low fidelity prototype draw squad will squeeze into a lump of cicada, listen to my explanation, advice. If there is no strong opposition, ask the UI designer to take time out of the PSD, usually only on the main page, and the minor pages are not taken care of.

cicada travels a normal version of App iteration, usually in 3-5 weeks.

The more powerful the

before the launch of the new version, I will have all the PSD ready, and the version is scheduled to be marked with a blue label on the Tower. It’s probably about a few weeks before the engineer makes an appointment, and every research and development point is at Tower>

release plan are directly determined by me. The big function points should be consulted by the Engineer in advance and go through the prototype review. That is the review, in fact, everyone squeezed into a lump, listen to me explain the prototype. Finish any objection, I put a visual task scheduled at Tower, confirm the good time with UI designer, the designer according to the schedule of PSD put it down in black and white Tower collaboration there.

2. social is not an essential feature of voice IM.

said, the first video linfo holdings recently made a speech: IM linfo VIC, in their conference, when I questioned them go narrow road. Neighboring news CEO Wang Hai responded in reply: "

? The small function points in the

4., compared to fresh features, to ensure that the quality of communication is the most important.

The number of The process of setting up a

in addition to the C side products, Penguin Jun recently also contacted a "soft operator" play, this play has been in practice abroad companies, >

actually I have been very curious, in the voice of IM market has a dominant WeChat and hand Q, and Line, m chat many second-line products, why there are so many similar products, such as a big company, easecredit, youni, what micro love entrepreneurial team double, talk to me. Could it really be that the project has been done for months without being finished? Sorry,



so we can export several key points in the development of minority voice IM:

cicada travels with the same treatment, often in the six months after the module design first, for six months, repeated changes. This will offset some of the boldness of rapid design. Facing a set of things, there will be more detailed thinking. Ideas need to be quickly translated into persuasive prototypes, or they can’t be discussed or done without a head shot.

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