Analysis of Shanghai dragon case new two months do weight 6



first, look at the key words for the site to bring traffic index, we can see a total of 40727 from the record, I looked at all the records, the index is not very high, many are in the dozens, more than a few to more than 100, not more than 400 of the highest, that is to say this website do the words are very easy to enter the home page of the long tail word. This is on the.

station in general not what is special, just do the long tail word index is not high a lot of traffic, is a very good idea.

Hello, I am new, is a Shanghai Longfeng novice, just to maintain the three months of Shanghai dragon Er, although the time is so short, but I learned a lot of knowledge really is Shanghai dragon. Today, I will give you a chance of exposure to the site. This site is the master to do, just two months of weight 6, flow rate of 1W+, even more surprising is that the day of on-line collection of 5W+, is amazing. Well, here is the first look at the relevant data of Shanghai Longfeng direct website.

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this is the site of the Shanghai dragon related data, we can see from the weight of the website is 6, PR is 0, the chain number is 3780, Shanghai Longfeng query related garbage chain, the chain is 0, the time domain is 29 days in February, the registration time is March 21, 2013, the Title only for the company name, keywords and description are blank, the line on the website in time for the 2013 05 month 12 days, the amount included in the day the 5W3000 snapshot is updated every day, in the home page, also said that everything is normal. The above is the basic situation of the site.

is the second, one of the most puzzling is the day on May 12th will be included in 5W+, which made a great effect on the back of the lift. Registration began in March, May on the line, the middle time should be ready in time. Many people might think the method used is the old domain 301 jump, but jump can be included in so fast? How to say, the domain name is new, the weight transfer is a gradual transfer process. If so, this station is used in formal style, you can follow this love, Shanghai would not be "two".

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