13 methods for the construction of the website chain most only know ninth

chain work for Shanghai dragon and the webmaster, even if it is fast to get an optimal method of search engine development after the green basket algorithm do the chain is the site, well-known sites are outside the chain from the start, so we still focus on the chain work. No matter for the novice or veteran Shanghai Longfeng most chain is sometimes very messy.

blog links into the self blog and blog in two ways, self built blog, now many large platform, Sina, Sohu, blog bus, news and other many blogging platforms are free from the blog, here we recommend to buy a treasure can blog account, particularly cheap, buy over after doing these corresponding settings update one or two article, put on the chain you want to send. Then is the blog, the blog has a lot of skills, usually in addition to the chain is also the drainage, although now the blog mostly have nofollow tags, but on the strength of your execution is not enough to persuade you not to perform, after the nofollow label link but does not transfer the weight, not to say not crawling, did not say not to give weight as well as the search engine index for construction, so that the blog is still relatively important. Blog do drainage, veteran Shanghai Longfeng certainly know Lu Songsong, when he first is in each big blog, attracting a large number of bloggers focus on him, why can’t we go to implement this message.

home page link is the most important method of website promotion weight, home link exchange is Links and others, here I recommend a tool for chain artifact, the line on the website even if not included you in exchange with others sometimes change to some friends of the chain, with time varying long your website has the weight can be exchanged with the high quality of the site. In addition to a chain of artifact can also exchange in the QQ group, sometimes your site weight is low, can be said to the other sites have special operation, weight quickly than you do, website of high quality webmaster will also change, the chain network, exchange Commissioner, sometimes to the number if you do not pay attention to quality. Did not encounter such a person that you really do not have hard done the job exchange chain.

this method is suitable for the network company, can find some have done a good job of the website with a new chain, don’t worry it will drag the old station back, don’t say that, not.

It is very important to the

today I am here to share with you 13 ways to do the chain, these methods I have used, some not particularly good execution method instead of the spread of the Internet, we can choose the method I recommend then to perform, of course no matter what method of execution, and adhere to is the most important the.

The construction of the chain Commissioner General

1. home link

3. of their own website

2. blog link


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