2015 in depth understanding of user needs to do the real value of the website

3, so we in the site keywords location when you can live outside in addition to add keywords, some keywords in the long tail, so you can make us more better for >

Xiao Bian here simply give an example for everyone, for example the keyword Zhengzhou wedding dress shop, his search users are usually more what type of person? Of course is mostly some people want to get married to buy wedding and competition with some areas. So by the user and search some competitors, search keywords and long tail, producing more and more, such as "Zhengzhou where to buy the dress" and "Zhengzhou a wedding shop good" etc.. No matter what kind of search, actually have been virtually recorded by search engine. It is also a kind of user demand.

2, Zhengzhou wedding stores such as the main keywords, can only meet the simple needs of users, but really want to purchase and consumption, are often more specific to search, so it is usually some long tail keywords conversion rate higher.

1, in addition to the user for the Zhengzhou wedding dress shop in the main keywords of interest, some people love to search some of the details, for example Zhengzhou jinshuiqu Zhengzhou wedding dress shop, shop where home is good, so this is actually the other keywords to search engine and users are more interested in range.

the Internet after so many years of reform and development, website optimization of this technology is becoming more and more popular, for a website development and growth will become light, like 07 or 08 years we casually set up a website, then a lot of hair some outside chain, the website can be obtained good ranking. But now the site is far not so simple. So now the real master play is the user experience, to do a really useful to the user, the value of webmaster, then our website is a good website and unbeaten. The needs of users, in fact not how far can not guess, it is based on the statistics of the user in the search engine in a record and data.


search engine, we all know that it is the core of the user experience, and strive to share and show the best quality information for users, so when such a data search engine, and how will the Lenovo? Let us analyze the simple.

Then the The

users is how to generate

remember, no matter what time, we’re going to do a website, the first step is to understand our website theme of the needs of users, most of the owners to collect this type of demand analysis and in the summary of key words. But in fact, there are still a lot of differences, to explore user needs is our design, for the layout of the site and the later development of a series of fundamental upgrades, like a house. So small and we share the theme is the use of reverse thinking to better understand the real needs of users.

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