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many beginner SEO people don’t know how to do, is to see where there is a problem where the problem, do not order, then don’t know whether I finished all the work, do not know how to check that all the work finished, here Wangzhuan forum to introduce the self checking method the nine part:

6, if you do the long tail word list;

2, if you analyze your competitors website;

I know many friends there, just a few years on the net worth of millions of friends, in their body, I do not see such as the legend of legends, their path in life is filled with too much imitation, is a common station road to success. In fact, as long as the heart, we can also achieve this income, but also with them, not in many of the above diseases accompanied by fatigue.

no experience, two no project, three no capital. The whole

, like me, is the path to professional links. Every day I do network, updated every day, every day on the sh419 GG will be YAHOO, A5 are concerned about the latest and most dynamic stationmaster net new opportunities every day, and I can do my best to help the people in the effort to fully understand the more friends, I want to learn some should master the knowledge from them, which translates into cash.

when you encounter difficulties or ranking, encountered strong competitors, Wangzhuan forum to teach you two strokes:

7, if you are self built blog to support your keywords;

three mountains!

this is the life of our generation. This is the life of our poor stationmaster.

This article from the

1, if you 1-3 good positioning target keywords;

1, in the main domain name you, to create the two level directory of the Blog, and the main organization website related content, published content and good anchor text.

2, if you do is the industry’s top keywords, such as "forum", then you should create two directory of BBS or SNS, fully tap the user’s energy. Tap your resources to get more high quality peer chain.

making most money now? Real estate, tourism, cars, beauty, medical treatment, yes, very profitable, and some even profiteering. But do they have anything to do with us,

looks at the dozens of projects that can easily reach tens of millions or even billions of dollars, and then make money, but none of us can handle it.

if you are a person who wants to succeed, if you like me, every day the first thing is to open the computer on the A5, if you want a millionaire, so this story may give you some inspiration.

5, your home is appropriate to increase the target keyword density;

we have learned in school only after years of the shallow knowledge, and we can spend years of youth.

our next story of the protagonist named Xiaohua real name not to say, we see he is.

9, you whether the website content is updated frequently.

3, if you do URL standardization;


in fact, in the Internet world, making money isn’t a legend. Robin Li is legend, Ma is legend, legend is king, but they do not make money legend, but they find their own way.

look at you, and you also see the people of this article, we did not have the same, from dawn to dusk every day busy, looking forward to in the network with no reality whatever they want to be found, so a chance, let us then re energized, is not the bubble surface being not in place, cervical spondylosis, periarthritis of shoulder any relationship between inflammation and other computer syndrome alice.


8, if you do well in the station anchor text;

4, if you do a

yes, it doesn’t matter. It has nothing to do with it.

we go to the forums every day, visit A5, and look at the success stories one after another with confused eyes. But are you successful? You have a monthly income of over a million? Can you support yourself? Or, when you see this text, you are thinking about, whether you should look for a job to do


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