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now the society is impetuous, because of the fast pace of life and the rapid rise of the material life of so many people think that only ambitious, entrepreneurship is the ultimate way out, say, if your life is only because there is no ready to leave the failure experience, is not some sad? So, here is the suggestion before the start of the best buddies seriously look at yourself, or give yourself a chance to know yourself, because not all people are suitable for business, some people are good at management, some people are good at business, some artificial calculating, find partners to each other, the one filled short board "bucket principle" in, your team will have the infinite strength.

friends in IT ultra Sohu organized a business salon, because of the time I could not attend, but I also often someone asked me in WeChat Internet business direction or what the item number, in this Internet trend is in the mobile Internet business is more valuable in the future. Entrepreneurship is no problem, there are no problems with the project, but many small graduates just say entrepreneurship on entrepreneurship, have not considered the risk of entrepreneurship, or entrepreneurial failure and when how?

generally speaking, to achieve the entrepreneurial dream, there are two paths, one is under the support of large companies, large platforms, projects, and two is to pull several partners alone.

Users of


Truecaller can query anyone in the world by name or phone number via Truecaller mobile apps and websites. Since the system identifies the user’s social network accounts, even if you don’t know the full name of the person you’re looking for, there are many ways to find out who you’re looking for. You can build a social file on the network related to your phone number, and then the system will recommend you the person you might want to contact via the Truecaller network. Once you start using Truecaller, you can also see who tried to contact you; you can also create a blocking list to filter spam spam messages.

starts with the two path of Entrepreneurship:

Truecaller released a paper today explaining how it has developed from limited budget to today

in the first case, as long as you have your own ideas, with a good business model, as long as the company was not silly support, your entrepreneurial project is in the development of the company’s platform, nature should belong to the company, Zhang Xiaolong was sent a message, WeChat up, Zhang Xiaolong is now known as WeChat this project is completely uniform, he engaged in, there is no difference with the business, but can only say that WeChat is a Tencent Inc.

The way

is today, this article, wanted to talk about the mobile Internet mobile business trends, now, in that specific entrepreneurship before or talk to those buddies of entrepreneurial ideas, the idea of the way, in order to better into the practice stage of entrepreneurship. I believe a lot of friends in everyone shouting "the environment of entrepreneurship" has been "entrepreneurial thought" kidnapped, "but they do not in the entrepreneurial venture", for everyone’s life in terms of entrepreneurship is inevitable? Obviously, this logic is absurd, we are not for everyone on the other hand, the majority of entrepreneurs, entrepreneurial projects have failed.

Of course,

according to foreign media reports, Sweden’s Stockholm has spawned a large number of start-up companies and technology companies that are renowned for their outstanding design and business innovations, such as Spotify, Klarna, Tictail and King. But one of the best start-ups in secrecy is a small company called Truecaller.


Truecaller service for American consumers may not have what attraction, because Americans don’t usually give outside the real life circle of strangers call, but the service is popular in Asia and the middle east. Nearly 1/4 of Turecaller’s users are in the Middle East, and many male users in the Middle East use the service to find girlfriends. The service is also popular in India, and there is evidence that 3 celebrities in India say the service has become an essential part of life because it lets them know if a phone is worth fighting.

Truecaller was founded in 2009, and its business can be said to be very dull, mainly to collect the old telephone directory of the school and convert it into a global crowdsourcing directory. After 4 years of accumulation, the total number of entries in the directory of Truecaller’s telephone directory has exceeded 1 billion, and the number of users has soared to 20 million people a year ago, 2 million.

Truecaller collects people’s telephone numbers may upset some people. In fact, it would require users to share their own phonebook content. That means your phone number may already appear in its directory, and you may not know it yourself. For example, I found through the reverse query function on the Truecaller website that my and my boss Sarah Lacey Sarah Lacy telephone number has been included in the Turecaller directory.

, platform based venture, there is a company down task, namely the company that you can do this, will give you the task, in fact this pattern often because the person in charge is passive and lack of momentum. Here is also an example, such as Tencent, micro-blog, the birth of this product is to compete with sina, micro-blog, and now the development of the situation you know, if not , Tencent >

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