Li Xiang drop out of business success Wang Kai new fall altar entrepreneurs by not fly distinguis

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today, he also opened a third venture – cars,

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Abstract: Li Xiang in the two pioneering, there are two characteristics are very distinct, first, the business trend of smell sensitive, two is the choice of partners, resolute and dare to let go. It’s a talent for an entrepreneur. He dropped out of high school of entrepreneurship, and insolent impetuous Wang Kaixin, do have a world of difference.

financing over 10 months, valued at 2 billion 500 million, 3 billion.

, in the same year, he started a car portal,

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January 10, 2008,

in addition to the car, he also likes to play "watch pioneer.".

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in 1975, Bill Gates sophomore quit school, founded the little-known Microsoft;

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8 years later, the car website listed, the market value of over $3 billion.

no doubt he’s a super car driver,

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music car, Wei Lai, Chi car excellent line, car and home…… New cars list more and more sports >

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in June 26th, the department proposed the removal of Wang Shi. Coincidentally, the same day, the car home also broke out the same tragedy. CEO Qin to employees in the company’s internal mail flow, message display, after Ping An shares car home and become the largest shareholder, the original car home management will be safe cleaning, Qin induced position of CEO and Zhong Yiqi’s CFO position has been replaced.

19 years later, he became the world’s richest man, and has won it ever since.

, according to Li Xiang in the investor social platform "snowball" on the author, this "farce" is the cause of the biggest shareholder – Telstra 2015 ready to sell most of the idea of cash.

on June 27th evening, as the founder of the car family NYSE:ATHM, and retain 3.4% stake in the director, Li Xiang in the battle for control of the company, silent two months later, finally sound.

he is the founder, car, and home of the car family, CEO Li Xiang.

Li Xiang revealed that peace is one of several target buyers, but Qin led the management did not intend to, because the 2015 car home stock price is still high, it is difficult to come up with so much money."

How about

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Li Xiang said: "when the interests of small, everything can be said.". To a certain extent, interest is beyond human nature."

cars and homes valued at 3 billion for 10 months?

4 years later, this website became the third largest Chinese IT professional website,

motor home is still the world’s largest bus site. But Li Xiang, founder of the car family in June last year, President, devoted to the new battlefield.

in 1999, he dropped out of high school and ran his own web site,

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