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from now on, VOGATE and the actual existence of click fraud cooperation website, the owner of all relationships terminated. VOGATE has backed up the data and emptied it. The relevant accounts have been frozen, closed, and the illegal commissions received from the relevant accounts will be returned to advertisers this month.


forgot to build big brands — get more users first —

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on sales and marketing personnel


VOGATE once again solemnly declare: in good faith management, common development principles, once found cheating, will be severely punished!



gets paid subscribers as quickly as possible, but not for money, but for real feedback. Maybe free users can give you a lot of valuable advice, but I can assure you that the advice of paid users will surprise you. Price your product as soon as possible, and then observe the consumer’s reaction. In addition, when consumers pay to use your product, when you upgrade your product, they follow it faster.




many successful companies begin like this. shlf1314 started out as just a search engine, and Dropbox started out as an online folder, and Twitter was just a micro-blog that could only publish 140 words at a time.

in addition, although you’re just focusing on the simplest concept, that doesn’t mean you can get good products overnight and succeed right away. There will be contradictions and frictions among the various departments of the enterprise, and sales work is also a very long way to go. You may go through a long time before you know if your product will be approved. But in good terms, every successful business has experienced numerous challenges. As long as you can solve these problems and challenges, you may achieve your goal.


serial number, account number, user name,

cheat user account:

editor: the author of this article is Vik Singh, founder and CEO of Infer. Infer has just won $10 million in A round of financing, and the investor is Redpoint Ventures. They provide data application services for companies such as Box, Jive, Nitro, Tableau and Zendesk.


when you get paid users, some people will choose the brand effect immediately. But I suggest these people don’t do it in the early days of entrepreneurship. Maybe you haven’t made such preparations yet. What you have to do is to learn from some flexible enterprises and make proper orientation for the enterprises at different stages.




I’ve been running my business for the past two years. And in this process, I also gained valuable experience and know how to operate the enterprise. Here are 5 things every entrepreneur should know:


don’t try to develop a lot of core products right away from the very beginning. Other big companies don’t mean you should do the same. It’s important that you focus on your simplest and most important concepts when you start your business and your team is not big enough.

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