Will the user be a fool to do a good job of designing

, this is the main idea of the article "user experience guidelines: users as fools" in the blog.

individual does not agree with this statement, if this view is really as a product design guidelines, the design of the product should not be easy to use, the user experience will certainly not be positive.

why? For the following reasons:

first, a graduate student’s online shopping experience as an example. Through the description of this article, this graduate friend has the typical features of novice users, often mentioned in Alan Cooper About Face 2.

When designing WEB products,

should not ignore novice users. It should seriously consider their usage habits and specific needs, and their operating experience. But the premise is that should not affect the more important intermediate users, for novice users and expert users are temporary, a small percentage of users, intermediate users is eternal, they accounted for the largest proportion, their operating experience, one can determine the products of vital importance.

in addition, ease of use is relatively easy to use design, for novice users, possibly for intermediate users and expert users, hinder the normal operating design, this design is not worthwhile.

second, to do a good job of product design, pay attention to the user’s use of product emotion is very necessary, and the user’s emotion, in fact, is affected by the designer’s emotions. If the designer holds the idea that the user is a fool, the design output will inevitably be affected by the designer’s views and emotions.

, for example, a person has a bias towards another person or thing, and when he describes the matter to others, even if he intends to hide his point of view, he will make the audience feel that position and attitude. Psychologists say that emotions can spread. That’s why. This is because people are emotional animals after all. It is difficult to control the flow of emotion. It is very normal to "can’t help".

can imagine that the user is a fool "the designer, the product design, should guide and prompt the user operation too much, it will certainly users feel uncomfortable, except that the product does not work well, will not feel respect for yourself. Similar to a normal adult, he certainly does not like others to treat children with the attitude and tone of their own.

in addition to the physical defects, lead to the development of unsound mind of the crowd, to visit the website (or the use of other types of products) online shopping users, there is no real fool, no one want others to think that he is a fool, this is part of the psychological demand.

and maybe the user is new in this field, and in his field of work, he’s a master at ease, where he’s very authoritative and gets enough respect. And if >

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