Wandering in dreams and reality


was little, he dreamed of growing up, but when he grew up, he realized how cruel the reality is. Whether you can take it or not, you must take it. To face too many setbacks, failures, sad parting. If possible, I would rather never grow up. Then nothing will happen, I can be happy hiding under the umbrella of my parents, without facing any cruelty. But this is something that will never happen. Every time when I am depressed, that is when I am in meditation, I am depressed, why the dream away from me so far, reality so cruel, I depressed, why the pain so much, so happy,


everyone has a dream of their own, regardless of whether the dream is selfish or what, everyone in the dream and struggle with their chance! Know ADMIN5 know there are owners of this industry! Know a lot of young people like me for that. Your and dream and struggle, every night trying to hit the keyboard, also know there are a lot of people like me, they rely on their own efforts and struggle against the few of their day and night on the keyboard beating website, and become a webmaster, a so-called success people. So I came in, I also hope that one day they now is my future, I also hope that one day they can also become a webmaster, rely on this occupation webmaster able to feed themselves, to achieve the dream of their own.

is said to have hobbies, but ask how many people love every day in front of the keyboard percussion to the middle of the night, there are a few people do not want to spend the weekend with your love, with your family and friends, to enjoy the nature gives us all. There are several people who want to spend the night alone. However, as a webmaster, we have to bear the lover’s understanding and indifference, because you do not have extra time to accompany her, you have to give all your energy to your website. Because you also hope that one day your own IP will not be the poor ten, hundreds of digits. You also hope that one day, you can prove to them, you rely on their own efforts and their own broken station also achieved a so-called career. You can earn white bills, too.

but dreams are always beautiful, but the reality is always confusing and puzzling. Every day helplessly watching oneself knock on the web day and night, perhaps his dream on all pressure in the above, although in the eyes of others are completely puzzled and ridiculed. You can also expect to break station everyone Yifan achievement career, don’t say you are a fool, said innocent, the reality is that everyone living in the reality, but also to the dream to fight! Maybe we can always in the dream and reality wandering. Because in addition to website can let oneself find the entrance to the dream, I don’t know what is the way to go. Although the road may take a lifetime to go, but we still have to go down.

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