Did the webmaster solve the four difficult problems

yesterday online QQ, a friend of a new contact site asked me, "is it difficult to make a website?" I replied, "it’s not difficult.". He said, do you make money? " hey —-" I smiled and said "of course web site to make money, or did not engage in so many people’s website", "how can we go to the money?" I asked him: how long do, he is very embarrassed to say, the beginning of contact that is a completely new. Yes, there are new people coming in. His question set me thinking. What’s the problem with running a web site,


I think the webmaster should think about four questions: how to how to build a website? How to get traffic? How to keep visitors? How to generate income? We called for the establishment of the four major problems, we work together to analysis.

How does

build a web site?

is now building a website, many people choose to use CMS, the forum website software, such software reduces the establishment of the threshold to a certain extent, let more people know a program does not have their own website. But the same problem is the same obsession with a part of the Webmaster: they do not do templates, or with the official to provide a popular template?. At the same time, there are many data of the above questions, the manual post Tianjiao BBS content, CMS try to obscure acquisition rules, many webmaster is bustling about, did not adhere to it, found that the site is not so simple. And like the AiJuhe station system, can let the webmaster to copy collected from dawn to dusk, the establishment of the pain, open the automatic aggregation settings, the system can automatically capture the specified keywords on the Internet related news, discussions, pictures and video content, and form the original feature page! Create a content rich web site no longer. It is difficult to.

How does

get traffic?

key now webmasters site to obtain the traffic is Baidu, Baidu can hope a lot every day included, the premise is Baidu included your site, the website can provide more good content, the website results accord with the basic principles of SEO, and do not attempt to cheat, Baidu QJ. SEO, this thing I have to study for two or three years, know how to find the operation is very simple, many online articles, tutorials, but in the actual application website is not easy, so a lot of practice of SEO technology, rather than to buy the tutorial classes, I also. No, the content is all you know, just tell them more system.

How does

keep visitors,


wants to keep visitors, visitors must be able to come back after things, and now the site is completely depending on the search engine’s antecedents, owners rarely consider how to keep visitors, and more people simply directly to the website homepage, or is automatically added to the collection, so arbitrary. It is difficult to keep visitors. Keep visitors, generate >

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