Electricity supplier website Bureau fake prevalence is due to pressure mountain

since 2008, a large number of business has not been a rise in the sky, known as the electricity supplier sites and have gone in the competition almost "ruthless" industry, "live" into the website primary goal, has almost become a priority, fight fight fight experience, what seems to be as a direct fight the price to attract users to come, and all kinds of strength behind the price war, "the prevalence of fake" has almost become a trend.


as of December 12th this year, Taobao has linked police cracked 18 fake cluster cases, arrested more than 400 suspects selling fake goods; jumei.com, vip.com, Jingdong, Suning, Amazon, Le bee and so on a series of business website also have been "fake".

"fake" spawned behind: business pressure, users vanity

electricity supplier website purpose most sites or from what is more, profit, the news business platform in order to get financing often with investors signed a "gambling treaty", in short, I give you the financing, you must make sure that you give me how much profit.


makes of capital is profit, which is the invariable principle, but the "profiteering" usually brings only short benefits and fast death to the website.

Liu Qiangdong said in a speech in the listed Jingdong, Jingdong first acquired $10 million in financing from Xu Xin, Xu Xin said that the Jingdong leads to at least 10 times the return, Liu Qiangdong said 10 times is not what specific, can get what is secret, 5 years after the announcement, 5 years after Xu Xin won 100 times the profit.

this case tells us: investment is to see long-term interests, and not to accelerate the death of the site short profits.

as the saying goes "no sale, no killing, Enron wants to say" no consumer, no fake, when some luxury goods price to 70 percent off, or even 60 percent off, abnormal, 90 percent off, 80 percent off, as consumers, was already a voice questioned "is really" will do next is: if the true discount I missed? I find the genuine products and are the same. Attention, here is to find "the same point" more users, rather than looking for "different points" of the more, because the user already has the "greed" and "vanity" two major trading sword in trouble.

have buy, sell, the outcome is naturally electricity supplier website "fake prevalence" scene.

fakes eventually difficult to avoid, but the electricity supplier website must avoid fake

"sale", fake is hard to break, but has a lofty vision of the electricity supplier website must choose to avoid, to combat the phenomenon of fake, even subconsciously think is fake goods users still don’t want to buy is fake, so that the result can only be "a sharp decline in user experience.


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