How to name the lingerie shop

a shop wants to be recognized, not only need to have a good product, good service, but also need to have a good name. In short, in order to make the name of their underwear but out of the ordinary operator or vice, named must grasp the characteristics of underwear shop names and naming rules, in addition, easy to read, easy to identify characteristics, function of advertising, but also in the word itself. The name represents the image of the shop, but the name of a lot of problems not only make the shop lose face, but also may affect the efficiency of the operation, even for a long time can not establish their own brand.

first, the words should be short and fine. The name of the lingerie shop in the name of its operating items before the name should not be more than three words. The auxiliary function is to store name recognition and dissemination, only short to easy and easy to read, can play the function name, from the brand perspective, embodies the principle of short and fine, over three words, will make people understand the process of its extension.

second, pay attention to the name of the meaning and meaning. The core problem of the underwear shop naming lies in the meaning of words. Because Chinese characters are ideographic characters, because the shape is characteristic of its semantic meaning is shown, whether general words or underwear shop name, people have formed the "name" habit, generally do not accept those who had no intention of love can speak words. Thus, the interpretability of the name becomes the key to naming. In Chinese words, only words have real meaning, so most of the shops are using auxiliary life term. Even word is solvable.

third, follow the rules of language usage. Language has its own rules, in use should pay attention to grasp the following three points:

(1) to the combination of words according to the rules of grammar, long collocation can not violate the rules of word structure, in order to deliberately confuse the rules of the word structure of the hype is not responsible for the community.

(2) words or word meaning should be clear, can be interpreted in general.

(3) can create its own name.

in the end good to hear, but also need operators from more aspects, so as to make the name of the shop to meet the needs of more people. So, if you open a lingerie shop, but also want to take a more appropriate name, then, with a small series of the above introduction, and now you know how to give the underwear shop named it?

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