For the first time let Baidu share the experience of the website overnight

haven’t been so excited for a long time,


from 06 years without contact website, the website at that time is also very easy included age, basically a movie station within a week will be included, but the 07 year on the understanding of Baidu BT, included a month, when I do is dumpster is not included in a month to give up the rice, because the CN price is very low, a yuan of money, every time I registered ten, Baidu included within a month of leave, not included to give up, never hesitate. At that time, a few months later, slowly finished, and finally to seventy thousand IP, all the sites together, because it is a statistic, so I do not know which station has how many IP, which station, how many IP?. Anyway, at that time, about 500 a day, when there is a good six hundred, do not do GG, and later encountered Baidu K station, server IP have been K, all the stations on the server did not escape. IP suddenly dropped to three thousand, so I deleted all the websites because it was too much trouble. There was only three thousand IP on one server. I didn’t keep it up.

, which intermittently do some stations, Baidu are difficult to include. Later, I began to buy the station, I bought the site has not lost, but did not make much money. I bought it with my experience. Most of the websites bought can not last long, because they are garbage in the garbage, I can only change one station to earn about one hundred (thanks to ADMIN5 platform),

But the night before

made a higher station, I didn’t put in the mind, to Baidu included within a month, but today SITE, had been included, so I’m very excited! I this forum is not much advantage, is the three political not submitted, no link, do not pull. Most webmasters like to submit to Baidu, and I think the less you focus on Baidu, the better, because you know what you’re doing is the garbage station. (what is the garbage station, some of the new owners did not understand, is not content to write out, called the garbage station, in other words, no copyright ten thousand IP station) station is the best, do not make tens of thousands of IP when no wind station, then Baidu will get even with you, because you use it to flow from it. Their traffic is money, too much will K your station.

does not link, most links are good, but new stations are reluctant to link, so the quality of the initial link is very poor (if there is good, you can go to link)

does not mean not to pull, you don’t have, I mean not just people, some people are not love you stand you on arrival for three seconds, then turn off, so the user experience is very poor, the search engine must have the reasons you stand quality difference.

another wish everyone standing overnight was Baidu included.

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