Friendship link is the most useful method of promotion for novice webmaster

Hello everyone, I came to pull, or for our new station owners to come, and I say propaganda or soft Wen, I still bring my sincere and ideas came.

theme is not wordy, novice webmaster Links must be careful consideration, we all know this, but if you would like me to truly "friendship"? We novice webmaster and they are very different old owners are stable are equal and mutually beneficial relations of interests, abilities and other external factors they can take charge as chief of we don’t.

just said Links, I said the thing is not the quality and stability of these important, I said is important, whether we can form a united front with links to their own friends? How often communicate it, in fact, this is very important, we will help each other and common development is the new head of the king.

first I will do is I and my industry webmaster friends will have a deep understanding, we will reach a consensus, what good things and we will be the first time a data sharing, people more power, you alone alone caused you paste the copy of interest is not much more Baidu is a distaste for you, my friends and I will discuss the good, common progress, had to share every day to enrich the site a lot of plagiarism can not now, it seems like we all have their own team, they stop a large amount of information circulation we than not, lack of technical manpower good experience with


I and our webmaster friends like buddies talk every day every day everyone to write soft Wen together to discover the first-hand information that since we share, we want to help so many people together and we published all is original or a hand will not get better results than? Plagiarism is not copied is his inner experience and give tutorials, visitors to get more real data better than Yao, so the search engine can be included in your site, you think that my advice on a trial to good, I feel better than alone every day to copy and paste up hundreds of times to this, long-term development will definitely make your site flow increase greatly, Comrades learn a lot of understanding at the same starting point of friends, they are the mirror Also your teacher is your best partner, don’t dream, what a group of more than PR4 of the site run with you, how can that be?.

finally is the senior site old site only as your study object and ask the object, is definitely not the object you develop, we must live a few own positioning, how old are you wearing big shoes, you are a novice you must choose the best way to start from the new starting


today wrote it, and if you think it is written well, take my station reprint it, thank you. Neither you nor I am easy,

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