Do stand or do a good job simple things are the most real

because I do Internet bar maintenance, originally and do nothing to do with the website, with the increase in business volume. The number of customers is also increasing. The relationship has been around for a long time. Some of the clients gave me some advice, of course, about them. Most is the movie website. With the increasingly prominent copyright issues of Internet cafes, the vast majority of Internet cafes have closed the movie server, and the cultural sector has also checked several times. So, with the idea of doing film station, then it should be 1 years ago, has been planning, and has been outdated (not registered ID, then outdated visitors can browse), all day looking at these MJJ here YY. To tell you the truth, I’m afraid of the problems involving copyright and so on. After all, I deal with these departments. Later found a video sharing program, as for what is not said, so I said that soft, when they began to do, not what technology to pass up, stand a change every day, the data, even if the movie station, what also didn’t want to flow, how is. To the Internet bar to see also finished. To tell the truth. Don’t do, all online free icons help do, then there is a website that can make Google stand, not now so full of 55la.

after the Spring Festival this year, there is a local computer company found me and asked if I could put my film on the front page of the site at the top of the public service ads (which will put like a banner games is not connected to any) put in their computer hardware price, can give me the Commission, although I engage in maintenance of Internet cafes, but I do not do hardware, I take the trouble. I was a bit surprised, I asked him that my website is no one, even the statistics did not put, you put ads useful? The man told me, I know, my this little movie station, though they are collecting Youku Tudou movie, swearing, and thief, but in our county, the city is very famous, many people including Internet cafes, personal, certainly not my maintenance of Internet cafes, are set to the home page, so just find me. I can’t promise him at that time, my first time to apply for a statistics on the results of the second day I see statistics, I understand, but it is not by the meaning of being a movie station, should have such a high PV, the next week, I look at the statistics every day, the highest of the day PV I have reached more than 50000. I’m a little surprised that such a small county, there are so many users. And the IP section is all displayed in our region, none of the field. I began to concentrate. At that time the idea suddenly increased. Then, I began my ignorance. I made a forum for the movie station and put in a connection. 1 months, and the popularity of the forum is good. I also began to use digital information to a port, the corn to harbor, movie station made columns. The nightmare began, and for the first month the census was normal. However, due to the maintenance of Internet cafes every day, but also to make such a big information port, the film station I do not have any energy management, that the information port can be bigger. Some merchants are registered in the information port, and some people shout "electricity" every day in the Forum

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