Learn how to describe Adwords’s advertising language to Google

company website made Baidu bidding, the first thing to go to work every day, that is, to go to the Baidu bidding background, take a look at yesterday’s effect. But the Baidu bidding backstage address is not remembered, each time also through the search engine search "Baidu bid" four words, and then go in. In the company has been using Baidu, today with Google search under the "Baidu bidding", out of the results page is very interesting:


you can see: Google second on the Adwords keyword "Baidu bidding" advertising title: you still do Baidu bidding, and then look at the description: or to study the more efficient Adwords bar.

In the rhetorical question of the

headline, the answer is self-evident. Direct competitors, and then by asking questions to deny competitors, be sure of yourself. This kind of practice, I remember once search "G2000" when, found that every guest did this keyword, and then each guest’s key words Title description is: "choose G2000, or choose VANCL brand", as shown in:


seems that Google has taught many advertisers to do so. Everyone can also learn! This article addresses Wang Zhunzhi’s blog original address: http://s.www.wangzhunzhi.com/post/29.html (reprint please retain)

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