Thousands of people in 52 period of lecture V5SHOP shop on Xindong core profit point

Thousands of lecture organized by the Federation of Anhui Internet

old K has presided over the fifty-second period, the guests into Shanghai Xindong, Weibo network technology limited company (V5SHOP) CEO, Shanghai Weibo was founded in 2002, is the first batch of domestic electronic commerce software development company, has been committed to the electronic commerce project of small and medium sized enterprises hatch has helped thousands of enterprises to build a successful e-commerce platform. V5SHOP’s online shop system at the end of 2008 to enterprise model, free to the domestic market launch, only a year, the market share increased significantly, in the domestic e-commerce software market occupy the front position.

congratulations to thousands of lecture membership of nearly 3000 people, 500 people before the 6 army was almost full, there are only three groups (500 people) have a small number of seats plus interest, group number: 17581177. Please enter the group with registered UID.

thank you for your support for thousand people’s lectures. At present, all 52 collection address for Do=mtag& tagid=399 every Monday will be the public lecture in the end! Please respect the learning environment we will never speak to T webmaster webmaster want to learn more in at any time.

below is the transcript of this lecture:

A new

: Good afternoon! I’m a Sinto V5SHOP, thank you very much for the invitation of the old K. Come with you to discuss the current and even the next 10 years are very popular topic of e-commerce. In fact, for e-commerce B2C I was able to give them the only way, because the method is dead is the only way to live, but what kind of method is most helpful to you? V5SHOP services to thousands of companies experience for all of us to do so. The telephone business is nothing more than the pre-sale, sale, customer service processing and grasp every detail of the pre-sale, the work is mainly divided into two parts: stable supply, pre-sales work is mainly divided into two parts: stable supply. And effective promotion conversion.

We first talk about the supply of

I always think in terms of e-commerce and stable supply is successful B2C key. Why? If a successful promotion of the website in the market have a certain reputation, there will be a lot of customers, but because you are very bad, so these customers came to such information really negative, this shop, something broken, but not practical and similar information, it will bring great influence to your business. Customers will be less and less, the negative impact will be more and more, and finally lead to your " bankruptcy ". So if you want to put a B2C website successfully, we must first have a stable supply. How to find sources may be a lot of friends today we are more concerned about the issue. At present, the common way to find sources on the market according to their own situation.

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