Write promotion articles be careful of case websites be punished

a few days ago, I in the Admin5 hair article "Baidu know promote your website", to tell the truth, I write this article, and not as a soft paper to write, the main role is to introduce a new friends promotion experience, so, in case I have used I operate a real example.

this article in the case, namely Baidu search, Baidu mobile phone software that lie "I know Questions page long in the first row, while the content in my web site, so long brought considerable traffic.

, however, since the article was published in Admin5 few days later, Baidu knows it deleted my problem, and two days later, Baidu search will adjust the rankings.

can imagine, it is my article published in the Admin5, or by the complaint, or by the baidu staff to see this article, then delete the relevant page of Baidu know, and manually adjust the search rankings. At this point, a page ranking for more than a year has been harmonized by an article.

be the phrase "gun fight bird", so, I remind you that in my experience, must be low-key, do not easily believe that some self complacent place show in front of everyone; even if you are not for the purpose of publicity, should also pay attention to the way, for example, in writing, in which case must be properly processed, no hidden display may be jealous of revenge, was boring to report complaints, or by some habit of artificial interference search results of search engine understanding, it may be worse.

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