Taobao zern Thanksgiving broadcast off contest awards of old and new forces confrontation

CEEN A5, sponsored by zern stationmaster network contractors well "the world name shoes Taobao guest" promotion competition [the second season] has a strong return for nearly a week, received a warm response from Taobao Keyou, where Qibiao marks a major feature of the Bing! Festival is "every festival gifts" – every the summary of the festival holiday period promotion performance, outstanding students will receive a prize. What could be more real and enjoyable than a holiday like this?

Thanksgiving Day (11.24) just ended, the season’s first official event broadcast also released today. Today, we will announce the first festival awards, announced new reward winners, to see the beginning of the week, you guys fiery state!


old forces: status can not shake,

is the so-called "master is not blowing, winning is not covered in the first quarter, zern events almost monopoly, the fame of" a situation of tripartite confrontation "– Taobao alliance, luffi520 Yu Qingping, VIP media started a 2 show a very good competitive state, with practical action for the new people declared" my site sacrosanct! Especially the defending champion Taobao alliance VIP media, as everyone knows the "stable brother", the start of the week scored 66, the highest single day 18 single! Also get 149.58 yuan this week the highest single Commission this week and the highest total Commission 7027.46 yuan! Take the lead, take

weeks champion!

the last 2 State runner up Yu Qingping the same hot, single week 51 single transaction, at the same time this week with the highest single day record of 21 single, ambition how much! As for the last runner up luffi520 compared to the other two is slightly inferior, only scored 19, ranking fourth. Third is the first prize winner in the first quarter activity Apple 88 dollars, one week with 24 single, very bright, I hope Apple 88 dollars will not be like the last activity only in the early season

light, continue to work hard!

new power: the rise is worth looking forward to

in the new incentive plan under the stimulation of the new Taobao Keyou influx, quickly understand zern products, adjust the promotion mode. Although the old forces are far ahead of the current, but the new forces have brought everyone amazing virgin show, the opening week, a total of 108 Taobao friends received new awards. Some Taobao Keyou may before the game has sold 1, 2 single, cannot obtain the activities of the new incentives, but they also belong to the new forces team, some more directly challenge the old forces! Shanghai Qitai was added in the last game back, finally clinch a deal with 1 single ended. The storage capacity of the second season, the start of the week will take 17 single; and a powerful name particularly startling step by step ah also 13 single transaction, the outstanding achievement award winner ywm186 more new day 8 single, which is not easy for newcomers, the rise of new forces in the

point the day and await for it!High help Viking series

start a week zern (the jeep, Wolfe, mannick) and winter cotton boots is still.

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