Talking about how grassroots webmaster positioning their web site and future earnings Road

remember joining the ranks of grassroots webmaster has a long time, remember 03 years in the school when engaged in a personal homepage (very simple kind), after all he is not a regular computer professional graduates, have not learned what programming technology and any language, to engage in personal homepage will only simple PowerPoint software, the others "preserved modified. All the time, I was eager to have a website, but I refused to understand the language. Remember to put me into the first official website of the webmaster ranks is to see others propaganda 198 yuan to join the film website advertisement in the group, think about what are not, as long as their management background on the line, this simple, joined as a grassroots webmaster ranks in. After contact with CMS, just know the site is so simple, even without any language can also be a webmaster, until now I even many of the basic HTML language are not (a little ashamed), then this does not put me to become fiery webmaster heart. There’s a lot of crap that goes against the subject. (don’t worry) I’ll get into the conversation slowly…

to tell you the truth, now because a lot of CMS open source, free, lead to make website become unusual simple, so every year, Cui has become a batch after batch of grassroots to join the ranks of the webmaster. Often heard some old webmaster friends said that 05 years ago, site is how much money, but now, in any aspect of the site, there are a large number of people in the competition, in optimization, in SEO. But the real 1 industry, really can make money the station also had a few, I came up with the door station, most of the webmaster or lose money, lose money doing it. Since it is not profitable, then there will be a group of webmaster who can not stand down, out of this circle. "There’s King left," is that true? Without planning for your website, the rest won’t be king. How to plan your own website? I think you really want to rest in this circle, you must try to put your site out slowly from the station in the industry, even if it does not make money.

I am a former colleague, founded a music website in our area, less than 2 years, has its own office, already have their own team, more important is also a large number of Internet users, not seeking anything in return, do not stop for his website the building blocks, I think this is a successful webmaster, but after all others in the success, it is someone else, what is the relationship we have


see someone else’s website to normal, I have to work in an industry station idea, because they are more love sales in this industry, so in January this year launched a sales for friends to learn the sales skills of a website sales. I will take my website to talk about my own site and direction of development, and I hope you can read it.

1, positioning. First of all, my position is >

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