Station is not good small and not for marketing not to small evil for it

development is a top priority site webmaster webmaster, can be said for the webmaster webmaster, one day can not eat, but one day not to be able to update the site, do not pay attention to the development of the website, but many webmaster attention although inner website, but it ignores some basic stand details, bring up the results it is not good for small. In the process of network marketing, many webmaster to the interests of the moment, announced some false information, the webmaster idea is actually very simple, make a living expenses can be, in fact, they have entered into a small evil to the abyss.

We should firmly establish

as a Webmaster Station: not good for small, development of the concept of marketing is a sin to process this sentence, will drive to the station, we do website development, summed up the site, along with the social change, many owners will have lost these basic ideas in the foot, so it will cause a lot of stationmaster melee a few years but without a single success in the Internet, this is not to understand the essence of the development of the internet.

we are in the development process of Web site, must be very careful, as I now operating is a place to decorate website, every day to consult my people have a lot of these people, there is also a lot of decoration to cheat my plan, I was very clear, but every time I have a good attitude for users some of the suggestions will be free for them, why? Because in my opinion these things for them is important, it is also the site development details, today I help them a little busy, but in the aid process is not able to fundamentally solve the problem, so the next time he wanted to the house is designed for a specific decoration scheme is not in the first place I will consider? My daily business is now very good, is because I do good And no matter how small things, I always want to meet other people in the satisfaction of their own, this is in line with the basic psychological development of the site.

when we were on the site promotion, everything must be true, not false information, so that some innocent people fooled, such as some businesses is very disappointing, remember last month I bought a bag on, the price not expensive 120 yuan, but the seller said to send me a bracelet, but when I received the goods to open the box and did not receive the bracelet, then I feel cheated, so the Internet immediately consult a Taobao seller, she said, kissing our staff feel shy, forget the bracelet in the box. Is this the answer to make the customer satisfied? If the Taobao shop to sell such things for a long time, I believe that she will not get two customers forever, the only choice in the course of time the Taobao shop closed, this is a typical small and evil.

, in the process of developing our website, we must adhere to the details of every detail of the site development, the site will have an impact and planning, we no matter how big things are

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