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is now 2 in the morning, not tired, because accustomed to this day and night. I’m also used to a pessimistic attitude in a boring environment.

is really a contradiction, some things. I can’t express it here. If I don’t know people, I can see my mood, and no one will go to investigate a person who doesn’t know. To tell the truth, QQ space log really can write a diary? For me is a word: "no"! Some people really can not set the password in their QQ space to express what the innermost feelings or emotions? Oh, sometimes I will write some can circulate in the market what is the heart of things, but those are not afraid of exposure, because your writing is not good, is just an expression of feelings. Therefore, there will be no real understanding of their own people to see, even if you see, may not be sure I wrote it. Oh, my blog address is not openly known to friends, where there are some people who do not want to let themselves know, including anyone who knows his own reality.

I think some QQ spaces are very well decorated. So I also made a QQ space (search QQ bar) data station (

all these two days to write about things, want to express things too much, too much will feel heavy redundant, make you irritable. Because too much, but no way to start.

writes his own things without a scratch, and doesn’t check the habits of his own writing. He writes it at will and saves it at will. Perhaps there are many unfluent place excuse me. The technology is limited, and some places are not satisfactory. Of course, it is difficult for them to express themselves, and it is difficult for me to understand them. is my virgin station. I’ll keep doing it even if it’s garbage again, unless one day something goes wrong. I don’t know what kind of websites they will like, and what kind of content they will like and what kind of layout they will like. Of course, here is the QQ station.

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