Video chat site to do some analysis and summary

No contact with the

video chat site webmaster, said video chat is not civilized, illegal website; contact with video chat site webmaster, said video chat is rubbish, all will know the amount deducted.

video chat site and not everyone can manipulate people, maybe you will not believe, but do some video chat site, the personnel quality is really high, it may also affect your alliance will curse.

began to do a video chat site from 08 years in June, has also experienced a baptism of the industry, because the malicious behavior of some sites, leading to a major renovation of Chinese Internet industry, the country launched the "Internet campaign vulgarity" special action, is a good description of.

09 years there has been a lot of video chat site, more SEO also began to contact with the industry, but there is no contact with the industry webmaster said the video chat site is not civilized, illegal sites, because they do not know how to profit video chat, only can have illegal income; but this contact industry webmaster, also for video chat website alliance buckle, and in the bitter suffering.

copyright, the Fox network ( wave of original, welcome to reprint, please keep this information, such as deletion, declined to reprint.

video chat site is not good, video chat advertising site may be even more difficult to do. But no matter what, any industry is the rule, I think as long as we seriously do stand, eventually will be harvested, Bobo here, wish you all, in 09 years received amazing returns.

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