Webmaster to go beyond the third fourth layers of Hell site collection and promotion

when you have experienced first, second layers of purgatory after I want, Congratulations, because you already have some determination to do your website, but only the determination is not enough, should adhere to, adhere to in the end is the victory.

third tier purgatory: site included

when your website upload to the server, perhaps only you and your friends know it, the best way to find your own website users, do not say through the search engine, it is facing a problem, how to improve search engine rankings for the SEO I do not? More than that, there have been many articles to everyone, but SEO also need to continue to work, as long as you are in the station, we should have been SEO, here we only say how to make search engines quickly included in your website.

Of course we preferred

search engine Baidu, followed by Google, the other engines can be ignored, you can bring the flow of the poor, suggest that you focus on Baidu, the flow is quite impressive.

here only say I use the way, pack you in 10 days, let your station appear in Baidu inside.

my way is not to upload too many files, now I just installed discuz, installed on the matter, as long as you can access the station, the next step need is to lead the Baidu spider to climb up your station, now go to the Baidu Post Bar post is not the reality, I test the day before yesterday before, as long as the connection posts will be deleted. So I suggest you go to the A5 forum, A5 forum weight is very high. Baidu spiders are almost kept by A5. Ha ha,

when the connection has been made, look at the log. If you have a record from Baidu and the log is 200, Congratulations, you will soon be able to search for it.

if you want to increase the speed, then find a few PR more than 5 stations, link you with the home page, so that no more than 3 days. You can site out of your station,


, I’ve been using the method above, and I don’t know how to do it,


fourth tier purgatory: website promotion

this is a big topic, as long as the site starts, the first problem facing the promotion of it.

promotion of many ways are to be used together, and here only my own approach.

I was about

promotion activities, many online and offline activities, if you have a relationship in site, then combined them to do some online activities, the best there is some little cookies to reward them, offline activities must have a special and wonderful photo review.

, if your activity is super tough, then don’t use it for half a year, your ads, your users, your customers will like your website very much.

website promotion activities, is Nirvana! "

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