Such entrepreneurial mistakes hope you do not commit

for entrepreneurship, everyone is the right path is not the same. To give up the dream of working in Wall Street after the decision, Zach ·, Chris Mangham; · Wright and Kevin · Kirk, decided to set up a social media marketing software company GroSocial in the United states.

as all entrepreneurs, the three brothers share a way of growing pains and the consequences of failure. They made a lot of mistakes, but in fact it should be said that it is thanks to the lessons learned from the mistakes, their team will get the favor of the software company InfusionSoft, was acquired in 2012 by the company. This proved that, despite the mistakes, but as long as the stick, many entrepreneurs can learn to use, so as to achieve a higher success.

before being acquired, those who have experienced the disaster GroSocial Mangham? And I talked about the business on the road he learned from the mistakes, harvest and for other entrepreneurial experience.

The biggest mistake I made

: lost relationships workaholic. Mangem said that when they first started, he bent on how to succeed, the company became his only concern. He works for a long time every day, even if he takes his work home from work.

"then if I have a minute not thinking about working with things, I would feel guilty." He said.

Mangham know I can’t go on this way, otherwise, he collapsed. So he began to make the schedule, to rein in their home in a reasonable time. If you put your heart and soul into the work itself, the whole process is a failure. Mangem’s own transformation has worked, his relationship has warmed up, and he has learned a valuable lesson.

My harvest. "Calm down. Things can come slowly. The purpose of your work should not be solely for the sake of the work itself." He said, no one would like to stay in a person who only want to work on the side, just thinking about the work will turn you into a very boring person, and is a very difficult to communicate with people."

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