What are the names of the nightclub attention


said to a shop name has a lot of methods, but also has a lot of principle can refer to, however, also have a lot of attention, so that it can play a proper name. So, what are the names of the nightclub attention?

1, do not touch the name of the name of the custom and legal red line. China is a multi-ethnic country, with different customs and habits, national beliefs and taboos, so the name should be considered to prevent the possibility of contrary to national unity, to prevent the use of well-known ethnic discrimination. At the same time, it should strictly abide by laws and regulations of the rules in the process of the name, should not use the law and regulations of the name, otherwise, will only suffer considerable gains and losses.

2, the name he used to nightclub "homonym", but not "evil". Homophonic name is commonly used in the name of the process. Because of the extensive and profound Chinese language, the homonym of the use of the word does have the unexpected effect of turning the decadent into magic. This is also the reason why many people are willing to take homonym to achieve the pursuit of innovation, a unique effect of the reasons. Demand tip is, homophonic although easy to use, do not evil".

to the nightclub named is a serious matter, his demand is. The application of homophonic name is a double-edged sword, both innovation opportunities, but also risks. Don’t take the risk of speculation, an evil name with "evil" thinking and attitude. Earlier media reports of the owner is on the back of textbooks, take homonym from that clever can actually be punished Everything will be fine..

3, the name should be given to the nightclub blindly resist notoriety, vulgar name. The enterprise name with simple, easy to remember, the no ground for blame. But also to grasp a degree, not excessive". Otherwise, a vulgar, vulgar, that is completely different. "Vulgar" and "vulgar" and "plain" is just one word, but it is "close and" integrity is not a level.

that is to say, the name of the first night to have moral bottom line. Some people in order to please others, in the name of Bo eye, moving from the crooked brains, but from vulgar, vulgar, vulgar name to "novelty", let a person but a detour, gifted with an extraordinary retentive memory, self defeating,. As everyone knows, refined, elegant name will also be unforgettable, "the famous" strong "the notorious repute".

It is very important for

to give a proper name to the store, but it also has a lot of attention. So, if you want to open a successful nightclub, a suitable name, the above considerations also need our attention oh.

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