Franchise cautious on

join the market risk, as the current stock market, psychological quality is strong enough to understand the differential join in fraud, avoid the risk of franchising, to ensure that they will not suffered heavy losses, can go on to join the market.

today in the television channels, websites, like "the first year profit of 80 thousand yuan", "open the door," earned "for underwriting" to meet the eye everywhere advertising. For the entry of the business entrepreneurs, these slogans seductive. However, when you are full of joy to join, is likely to lose everything in the scam.

in the water to join

bait traps to join et al.

two, net. If you do not apply to the franchisor if the investigation, as long as the spot to join the gold, you can join the venture is a dangerous signal.

three, free of franchise fees or franchise fee is very low. Today, a lot of franchisor with less franchise fees, low capital threshold to attract applicants, but the investment amount does not mean low risk, and sometimes there may be potential risks.

six, contract loopholes. Certain franchise franchisee, promised to accept

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