On the seven concise practical suggestions for equity allocation of China’s venture capital companie

the previous period of stock market speculation and a lot of people actually raise a Babel of criticism of, for the understanding of the company’s equity venture is not thorough, this article is for everyone to look at the popularity of the equity allocation of start-up companies in China under the law problem.

entrepreneurs usually used two ways to determine the equity structure of the company, one is distributed according to the proportion of capital contribution of the shareholders, two is the average distribution between the shareholders. The former is easy to trigger the problem of shareholder contribution and shareholding ratio mismatch, the latter will weaken the core founder of the company’s control, affecting the company’s decision-making efficiency.


In view of the early

two, paid up registered capital subscribed registered capital ratio of

subscribed under the obligation of shareholders’ contribution is payment, shareholders should be the limitation of subscribed capital for the company’s liability, if the shareholders in order to show the strength of the company, the registered capital subscribed unrealistic high, then it will face multiple legal risks, such as when the company’s creditors to recommend

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