Chongqing face to face an awkward position to join the promotion

Chongqing noodles can be called this year’s hottest chain food and beverage projects, which can see the city of Chongqing small noodle figure. Although each store claiming to be authentic brand, heritage order, but the quality is not satisfactory enough to expose the defects of the shop.

formula of random change taste back to the origin of

as investors, most do not have the dining experience and foundation, the purpose is to spend money to do the small join worry, easy, easy to make money. If luck is not good, unrealistic to follow suit, make spicy noodles encounter most diners do not buy it, business depression.


who joined the business got small

many facet franchisee because learning to the core technology of meals, to local conditions for the improvement of customer satisfaction, not picky taste different. In addition to raw materials, high cost of distribution, to join the problem of big investment costs, let entrepreneurs powerless, once again into a loss quagmire no escape possible.

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