Sichuan Mianyang entrepreneurship talent management training courses held

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enterprises is not only the competition of product resources, but also the competition of talents. Entrepreneurial talent is a comprehensive talent, need time to exercise and training. Mianyang recently held high-level overseas talent entrepreneurship management training courses for the training of entrepreneurial talent and technical services.

2015 October 19-23, 2015 overseas high-level personnel entrepreneurship management training courses held in Mianyang. The training course organized by the Ministry of science and Technology Policy Division, Ministry of science and technology of the torch center, Mianyang municipal party contractors, 90 organizations, from nearly 23 provinces of the human society, science and technology department as well as part of the national high-tech area is responsible for personnel work business management personnel to participate in the training class. Torch Center Deputy Party Secretary Wu Yi, deputy secretary of the Mianyang municipal Party committee Zhang Jinming and the Ministry of science and technology related leaders attended the opening ceremony.

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