Chengdu municipal Party committee and municipal government leaders visited the town of Pixian the t

What are the differences between

and entrepreneurial reality? In today’s entrepreneurial environment, the reality of an entrepreneurial vision, it may take only a day. Pixian Yung Yung town to create a customer service center, one day to complete the registration process.

"day on the run, did not expect so soon."   in January 7th, just graduated from college for more than a year of Wang Liulai to the town of Pixian Yung Chong Chong Passenger Service Center for business registration procedures. And just half a month ago, he also has a dream of entrepreneurship. Online submitted a business plan, and soon passed the audit, I started the road of entrepreneurship." He said.

one-stop service

1 5, the principal leaders of Chengdu municipal Party committee, municipal government came to the newly established Chengdu Passenger Service Center Jing Zhen, a customer service center construction and operation of the inspection visit to Pixian, focus on innovation and entrepreneurship and serve the majority of entrepreneurs, a complete software and hardware construction of customer service center in a short time. And to carry out innovative one-stop government services to give a positive evaluation and fully affirmed.

in the approval of the reform and innovation of the service, the foreground window in complete information case, business registration cards one can achieve &nbs recommendation

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