Analysis of China’s entrepreneurship in 2016

from the economic development situation in 2015, China’s employment market is still more severe, which will also stimulate more young people in 2016 to choose to start their own business, start their career path. So in 2016, China’s entrepreneurial work should be how to do?


: national support for entrepreneurship and innovation

2015, the Party Central Committee and the State Council formulated a series to promote public entrepreneurship, innovation "policy measures, such as the development of electronic commerce, colleges and universities to carry out innovation and entrepreneurship education, migrant workers and other personnel support home business etc..

the students in business as an example, the Department spokesman Li Zhong said that China strengthen entrepreneurship training, give support in terms of capital, while the introduction of tax relief policies, were settled in policy support, to provide business services etc..

According to the


the long-term shortage of skilled talents

"in the industrial field, the personnel structure is normal 1 scientists, 10 engineers and 100 skilled personnel. Recommended

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