These six people are not suitable for investment and Entrepreneurship

everyone wants to start a business, everyone wants to get rich. I want to go to, not all people are suitable for business, with a different business people business may lead to two different results, then what kind of person suitable for business, what kind of person is not suitable for business? Let’s take a look at it.

Second, single


can only do a work, change a job is not "halo", will suffer. In the future, the competition will be more and more intense, the employment, the laid-off, the re – employment will be a commonplace. In order to avoid a "backlog of material" in the workplace, the only way is to learn a few hands, yizhuanduoneng. Only in this way, it will not be hanging on a tree, once laid off, the heart does not panic, do not stay here, with their own place to stay". If we say that after joining the WTO, the popularity of composite talent, then a single skill was cold, is a very natural thing.

Third, "low EQ

IQ indicates a person’s capacity to work, EQ reflect the life of a person’s performance. In the future society, not only to do things, but also to be a man. People with high emotional intelligence, say, work properly, quick witted, cute". People with low EQ, not a "loner", is "annoying", or "which put the pot which does not mention the open", which is in trouble. Now, widely circulated in foreign countries, such as: "get hired by IQ, emotional intelligence to get promoted." Once into a unit, can not work smoothly, successful career, emotional intelligence is a key factor. The author of the book to put forward good advice to people in the workplace, in improving their ability, but also should continue to develop their emotional intelligence. Otherwise, the "stunt" never "hit the wall".

Fourth, psychological vulnerability of people

encountered some difficulties, hit the "back", is not smooth, mood down to the "O", such a person, in the fierce competition in the future will have a hard time. Due to the accelerated pace of life, increasing competitive pressure, there are "psychological"

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