Cling film ten brands list

wide range of use of the refrigerator, so that the film began to have more and more broad market space, and because of the increasing market demand, the industry has also been the birth of a lot of brands. Next, let the small series to wrap up the secret film ten brands list, so that everyone can have a better understanding of the industry’s brand.

film ten brand list: NO.1, miaojie daily Home Furnishing leading brand products industry, one of the most competitive brand cleaning supplies, large Taiwan funded enterprises, Tuopu Daily Chemicals Co. Ltd. (Chinese).

film ten brands list NO.2, South Asia: industry well-known brands, the industry has a leading position in Taiwan, Formosa Plastics Group (founded in 1954 in Taiwan) South Asia plastic industry Limited by Share Ltd.

cling film ten brands list NO.3, SYC SYC: Korea SYC Chemical Industry Co., Ltd., the industry’s well-known brands, Dalian famous brand, Dalian SYC Chemical Co., ltd..

cling film ten brands list NO.4, Glad Canon: founded in 1963, the United States, one of the world’s best-selling brand of fresh keeping products, the industry has a very well-known brand of fresh film, Guangzhou Jia Liang Chemical Co., ltd..

preservation film ten brands list NO.5, Kyle: founded in 1983, South Korea, the world’s leading food packaging film production enterprises, the daily household goods industry well-known brands, Shanghai, Kyle Plastics Co., ltd..

film ten brands list NO.6, home to accept: one of the domestic disposable film products of domestic enterprises with relatively large scale, film industry leading enterprises, well-known brand, sound, Home Furnishing supplies (Shanghai) Co. ltd..

film ten brands list NO.7, Asahi package: fresh preservative film began in 1960, the brand launched by Japan’s Asahi Chemical Industry Corporation, a well-known brand, Asahi Kasei plastics (Shanghai) Co. ltd..

cling film ten brands list NO.8, Xin Feng: fresh film industry well-known brands, specializing in the production of plastic film products of Sino foreign joint ventures, the top ten brands of film, Jiangmen Xin Feng Development Co., ltd..

film ten brands list NO.9, lovely: specializing in the production and sale of disposable Home Furnishing products, Shanghai famous trademark, Shanghai hundred private enterprises, industry well-known brands, Shanghai smooth Industrial Co. ltd..

cling film ten brands list NO.10, Camellia: Asia’s largest home plastic production base, the country >

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