Automotive glass ten brands list the whole

now requires the use of glass is very much, in which the glass is a very important component. In order to seize this market, the automotive glass market is also the birth of a lot of brands. Next, let Xiaobian introduce the ten major brands of automotive glass, so that you can have a greater understanding of the automotive glass market.

auto glass ten brands list, Fuyao Glass:


(the abbreviation of Fuyao Fuyao Glass Industry Group Limited by Share Ltd), established in 1987 Chinese registered in Fuzhou, is a professional production of automotive safety glass and glass industry technology of Sino foreign joint ventures, large multinational industrial group is also worthy of the name. Is the largest, highest level of technology, export volume of the largest automotive glass production suppliers, products of "FY" is a trademark of China automotive glass industry is so far the only "A Well-Known Trademark in China", since 2004 two consecutive was awarded the "China brand" title.

automotive glass ten brands list NO.2, Yaohua Glass:


Qinhuangdao Yaohua Glass Fiber Reinforced Plastics Co., Ltd. is located in the beautiful scenery and pleasant climate of the coastal city of Qinhuangdao. The company is made up of Qinhuangdao Yaohua Glass steel mill and Qinhuangdao glass steel mill. After forty years of development, has become the domestic industry with strong technical force, process, equipment, detection means complete, the backbone enterprises set comprehensive function of glass steel research, design, production, inspection and service as one of the.

automotive glass ten brands list NO.3, gold crystal glass:

Jin Jing (Group) Co., Ltd. is located in the birthplace of Chinese glass industry — Shandong Boshan, from 1904 Chinese established the first glass company until now, gold Jingcheng continued the history of civilization, the flat glass China for 106 years. Following the group "Jin Jing" brand series of float products for the "China famous brand", the Golden Crystal hollow glass was "Chinese famous brand", Jin Jing trademark by China’s "well-known trademark" honorary title.

auto glass ten brand list:

NO.4, Luoyang Glass

Chinese Luoyang float glass Refco Group Ltd (hereinafter referred to as Luoyang, English abbreviation CLFG), founded in 1956, after 50 years of construction and development, has become a research and development, production, import and export trade as one of the large enterprise groups. Belonging to the SASAC directly under the management of the central enterprises, Chinese Building Materials Group Co. Ltd., is an important China float glass and glass deep-processing manufacturing bases, is one of the "three world Luoyang float glass technology of float glass technology" was born, is the first batch of pilot enterprises in large.

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