Do you know the entrepreneurial process of textile industry tycoon Zhu Zhonghui do

we know that the textile industry is now the hottest industry, containing a huge market potential. This is because the textile industry is closely related to people’s daily life, is the best quality of life of the most solid backing. But do you know the history of the textile industry? The following Xiaobian to introduce the entrepreneurial process of textile industry tycoon Zhu Zhonghui.

1983, 19 years old, he is a naughty boy. Because the school is not considered to be a promising student drop out of the home, from the beginning of the movie projectionist, crafts, clothing store owner, salesman individual embroidery factory director of the work – and worked for 13 years. His Samsung Town, there are a lot of people familiar with his feeling for him: fun, not so hard, willing to endure hardship. However, more than and 20 years later, it is the child, has miraculously become today China textile industry tycoon — Chinese Dieshiqiao International Home Textile City chairman Zhu Zhonghui. To stimulate the development of the textile industry China horse when Zhu Zhonghui was widely considered to be futile when naughty children, only his twenty or thirty years as a grassroots branch secretary Zhu father with earlier found his son out of the ordinary, use their experience and influence in the local heap up. In 1996 and 1998, only empty brand Samsung construction station and Samsung have real estate company restructuring, to visit Zhu Zhonghui almost utterly ignorant of actually come up with their own past all business income, the two enterprises mister. His ambition was later understood by more people, will have huge potential for Samsung this town and the first Chinese embroidery Dieshiqiao the largest embroidery Market note on a "doping", pushed to the forefront of China textile. In fact, it is this impulse, not only become a major turning point in his personal life, but also for Samsung, to China, stacked stone textile have a positive impact on the world. Zhu Zhonghui was on the inside and outside the home did not understand his people cannot sell a more specifically the work of intuition: courage and aura rely on far more than one, sometimes brilliant. If any Dieshiqiao low level development, but China’s status is not guaranteed not to say, the market and the enterprise can only dominate by people.

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