Great opportunities in the green era

what is the main theme of the society for the new era we are living now? It must be mentioned that the green environmental protection, for people’s daily consumption of food, green vegetables have gradually set off a wave of boom in the market!

"green vegetables" is a kind of green food, the vegetable pesticide in the production process used in pesticide residue in vegetable residue index is lower than the national or international standards. So, the "green products" is relative, not absolute, evaluation of "green products" also depends on the number of other indicators such as: "the production process of green products" in the environment, soil and groundwater pollution.

"green products" is the safety and health of people in the process of using, no damage to the environment, "green products" in the demise of the process is no pollution to the environment, can quickly degrade open a franchise of pollution-free green vegetables in the shop, the scale can be large or small. If sufficient funds can rent a 30~40 square meters of shops, shops should be selected in the residents with higher education level, higher income residential neighborhood.

the consumer life is exquisite, therefore to provide services for their store must ensure the sanitation, and do the propaganda work of green food. As long as consumers can recognize, will naturally come to buy.


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