100 thousand cash has been rotten when excavated underground

in our daily life will be the existence of the RMB bank, but the next to say that this is a very wonderful one, what is the reason? Because I do not believe that the bank will be buried under the ground.

Mr Zhang lives in Jiangsu

10 million yuan in cash buried in the ground for more than 4 years, decay into pieces, this is Mr. Zhang, who lives in Jiangsu Heng Li a Shuyang county recently encountered bad feelings. August 29th at 9 am, Mr. Zhang with a large bag of paper money for help, he would like to know his family’s money can be redeemed.

see such a scene, in fact, so many people began to laugh and cry, at the same time, also to remind many elderly people, the best or the existence of bank RMB financial institutions, home is not suitable to put too much of the rmb.


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