China’s top mobile game software provider synonymous with high quality games

now, many young people are very enthusiastic about entrepreneurship, but also have their own ideas. Perhaps each of a well-known IT company will have a lot of young people like Chen Bo, who graduated from a famous university, master technology, become the dream, tired of purely technical work, hoping to get rid of other people working for the day, set up their own business.

"at the end of 2003, another student and I plan to start their own business, think about is love to play games, mobile phone game is a new industry, prospects should be good, they decided to do so. Then, we went to invest, an entrepreneur gave us 1 million yuan, our company began to operate."

"my partner is Zhejiang university students, when we were in school are considered one of the best two, and won a lot of tournaments. According to our strength, to Microsoft, Google and other large companies is no problem."

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