Beijing maiduo pie franchise fee is how much

you should have eaten with pie, unique taste, to subvert the traditional pie impression in our hearts. Do you know the maiduo pie is how come? Look at the following Xiaobian introduced you know.

with students from the hands of the pie, and some people call it "students scones". With the company in the retention of the original pastry filling principle, combined with Chinese technology, hit the existing maiduo pie. It has changed the traditional pie monotonous and boring, after processing 300 degrees high temperature and short time, the surface layer is crispy and refreshing, delicate rib, unique taste, is away. Pie with fried food to avoid the harm to human health, retained the integrity of nutritional elements of the original, it is fast, convenient, delicious and pleasant, ages, health and fashion.

how much does it cost to open a shop like this in Beijing? Beijing maiduo pie joined what is the charge?

"maiduo pie" headquarters in Beijing, 2006 franchise, operated by the Beijing margin delicious food culture Communications Limited is responsible for the national promotion: maiduo pie, milk tea, Soybean Milk. The company’s professional maiduo pie researchers, based on the characteristics of many creative and Clay oven rolls, to retain the original pastry on the basis of the principle of using innovative thinking to develop unique products: maiduo pie, crisp outside soft, pie filling variety, which has various flavor characteristics, suitable for different tastes of customers. So what is the fee Beijing maiduo pie to join


Beijing maiduo pie joining fee:

class a franchisee

franchise fee: 50 thousand security: $10 thousand

join standards and requirements: first tier cities and capital cities of the core business circle, subway and other traffic intensive places

area requirements: 20-50 square meters

B class franchisee

franchise fee: 30 thousand security: $10 thousand

join standards and requirements: first tier cities in general business circles and prefecture level cities of the main road, business circles, large office or commercial and residential buildings near the

area requirements: 20-35 square meters

C class franchisee

franchise fee: 20 thousand security: $10 thousand

join standards and requirements: university campus and nearby, county-level city business circle and main road

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