Promote food safety credit classification supervision

To strengthen the circulation of food quality and safety supervision, promote the circulation of food safety supervision standardized and institutionalized, long-term construction, the provincial food and drug administration to take measures to actively promote the circulation of food safety credit classification regulation, to create a good food circulation market credit environment. The food circulation of food safety credit classification supervision work to collect business credit information as the basis, relying on the circulation of food business economic accounts, according to the main access, self-discipline, food quality, certificate and invoice, illegal logging and other credit information, the food business is divided into A, B, C, D four a category. That is a faithful, refers to comply with laws and regulations and the principle of honesty and credit, has a good commercial credit food business operators; the B class as a warning, refers to the behavior warning records and credit records of minor food business operators; C is generally refers to a more serious dishonesty, dishonesty illegal behavior records of food business operators; the D class is serious dishonesty, a serious violation of credit records of food business operators. This work is timely, accurate and complete record of the credit information of food business households, the establishment of food business credit classification supervision files. The Bureau in grain, rice, beverages, dairy products, nude food as the focus of remediation varieties, carried out a special governance of food safety, promote food safety credit classification supervision. A, B, C, D four categories of households were established credit incentive mechanism, credit early warning mechanism, credit disciplinary mechanism, credit elimination mechanism.  

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