Join the Chongqing Hot pot good cha


Chongqing grasps the Hot pot? In our life, has always been a choice for the development of the market space. For business with a small capital entrepreneurs, entrepreneurship we chose to join Chongqing cha Hot pot project, open their own brand stores, in fact, is very simple to make money!

Chongqing techen grasps the old Hot pot brand is a franchise brand ten brand Chongqing Hot pot top, is also the name China Hot pot "best", Chongqing has its own Hot pot, to join the team of professional consultants, the franchisee has decided to join the start in the preparation, from the store choice, store decoration, tableware, store equipment and the test of business, official business, propaganda they will help the franchisee, franchisee, can better grasp of store operations, allow the franchisee to do their own to open a Hot pot shop.

1, site support

Chongqing grasps the old Hot pot dining management limited company in charge of each of the stores every principle of a contract, the company headquarters will send experts to the store location, location of market investigation and evaluation (analysis used in store structure, traffic, fixed consumer groups and consumption levels and competitors), reduce the risk of investors.

2, store investment budget analysis support

according to the positioning of the franchise, the investment budget and the style of the decoration company and produce free advice, store layout, door real graphic design, guiding decoration, for the franchisee to control costs.

3, brand authorization support


headquarters awarded the franchise "old" Cha Hot pot franchise plaque and authorization, sharing trademarks and brand names, exclusive products, professional technology and management mode.

4, brand image support

The headquarters of the

VI to provide visual image recognition system of Chongqing grasps the old Hot pot, including the LOGO logo, standard color collocation, VIP card, meal card, chopsticks cover, napkin box, oil tank, door production, culture wall, wall decoration, menu, menu, DM etc..

5, training support

headquarters to provide free front office management personnel, technical personnel training kitchen stores (corporate culture, business philosophy, skills assessment and etc.).

6, management manual support

company with many years of experience in food and beverage management, proposed the "single store operation management manual", the "lobby training manual", "food safety manual", "Employee Handbook" as soon as possible so that stores were old Hot pot.

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