Huangyuan Province one of the first village police mechanism

, deputy secretary of the Municipal Committee of political science and Law Committee Secretary Su Rong investigation of public security grassroots work.

police home visits.

police flood rescue.

Huangyuan County Public Security Bureau Gao Haiqing visited the masses.

Huangyuan County Public Security Bureau, political commissar Ma Ge visited condolences to the people.

"village police, month see police", Huangyuan County in the province to implement the "one village, one police policing model, optimize the management, maintenance of stability, which is to promote innovation in peace building, in response to the new expectations of the people, is expected to enhance the people’s sense of security and satisfaction, the masses of the people" an Quanmeng".

– Ge Haibin, deputy secretary of the Huangyuan Provincial Committee, Secretary of politics and Law Committee

"a village police" mode is a new look of public security service of the public service, is of great significance to consolidate the rural basic regime change, the current basic public security work in rural areas is weak, to strengthen social security in rural areas, to reduce the burden of rural police station improvement and building a harmonious relationship between the people and the police, to enhance people’s sense of security and satisfaction.

– Huangyuan County standing committee, deputy magistrate Guo Jian

we carry out "a village police policing mechanism to alleviate the shortage of police pressure, the police realize the benefit maximization, to further improve the people’s sense of security and satisfaction, people live and work in peace, social stability and order, community relations more harmonious goal.

– Huangyuan County Public Security Bureau Director Gao Haiqing

village have our police

reporter learned that Huangyuan special geographical location, convenient transportation, combat crime and maintain social stability of the work pressure is very large, the basic work of the masses is relatively weak. The county has 146 administrative villages in 9 towns and 7 communities, however, because the police nervous, the county only 22 community police in carrying out the work of rural rural policing, a serious shortage of police, police work and some community police to take five or six or more administrative village, some villagers police can not go once a year, and even some the village a few years to see the police and the police, basic public security work from the requirements and the people’s expectations and the gap.

as the saying goes, the stability of rural social security. How to build a safe and harmonious new countryside, to solve this problem? Huangyuan County Public Security Bureau in the case of a full investigation, adjust their thinking, bold innovation, to further strengthen the work of the masses, the police work to move the focus to promote jinglixiachen, mobilize global power, consolidate and strengthen community policing, the implementation of "one village, one police mode decision, so as to realize the rural community," village police. Every month to see the police". Some experts believe that "one village one;

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