88 thousand official card cut off the source of corruption

for the implementation of the provisions of the central eight, to play the role of the official card system source governance rot, the Provincial Department of finance to promote the reform of the official card, effectively improve the transparency of the budget unit official spending. At the end of October this year, the province has been the implementation of the official card reform unit 5492, accounting for 96% of the units should be reformed, for business card 88235, official consumer credit card spending amounted to 113 million yuan, compared with the same period last year increased by 57 million 260 thousand yuan, up 103%.
for the promotion of our province business card system reform, the reform of the provincial finance department organized a joint steering group, Qinghai Provincial People’s Bank UnionPay related staff, went to Hainan, Haidong, Haixi, on-site supervision, thorough investigation. For the status of state County staff card condition is poor, the provincial financial department to coordinate the issuing bank and Qinghai bank and other departments, increase the density and quantity of POS equipment layout, this year the province’s new POS machine 5675, further optimize and improve our province business card market environment, the enthusiasm of the budget units use the official card obviously upgrade.
in addition, according to the part of the staff of public expenditure credit consciousness, credit card usage rate is not high, through the brush business card sent gasoline "and" public consumption credit card to enjoy the gift "and other forms of publicity and promotion activities, the superiority of the universal business card business knowledge and business to consumer credit card. Promote the popularization and application of business card, to achieve new breakthroughs in our province public expenditure credit amount.


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