30 gas stations for safe physical examination

for the security and stability of our city oil product circulation market, promote the circulation of finished oil market healthy and orderly development, before the Municipal Bureau of Commerce Joint Municipal Safety Supervision Bureau, city Industrial and Commercial Bureau, city police fire brigade and other units of the city’s gas station conducted a safety inspection.
the examined a total of three counties and four districts in the oil, Sinopec gas station gas station and social gas station a total of 30 companies, mainly to check the safety of gas station ledger, fire facilities maintenance, oil safety management, sales of bulk gasoline real name system implementation etc.. From the inspection situation, most of the safety of the gas station is good, complete the management ledger, on-site fire facilities are also valid. But at the same time also found that individual gas stations there are security ledger records incomplete, fire facilities and equipment are not established corresponding ledger, oil tank area is not clear the problem of weeds. Inspection team made a total of 16 rectification opinions, the problem requires immediate rectification of the gas station to eliminate hidden dangers, strict implementation of security measures to ensure safety in production.


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