Recruits have gradually entered the provincial military region a certain nfantry Regiment

From September 12th to 15, accompanied by drums cheerful and loud song, Qinghai province military region continue to usher in the 2014 annual independent infantry recruits. The group since late July has actively carried out the preparatory work related to the various aspects of the training of recruits, learning, cultural activities, social security have made careful arrangements and careful preparation, and actively create a good training conditions and comfortable living environment, so that the new soldiers from entering the camp will be able to feel the force of family the warm. A new recruit soldier Chen Guangjun said, must be hard military skills, improve personal quality, strive for the early completion of transformation from a local youth to qualified soldiers, rooted in barracks, love the resident, to provide security is important for Qinghai’s economic and social development, for the motherland rich, strong and prosperous to fulfill the obligation of citizens.  

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