This year the province built 156 workers

on the shelves neatly stocked with books, reading desk workers, staff smiled the borrowing formalities…… December 4th, Ning food group’s staff room, the workers are immersed in thick books. The reporter learned from the Provincial Federation of trade unions, as of early November this year, the province has built 156 staff house.

since 2008, the province’s trade unions at all levels based on the actual production and life of workers, vigorously carry out cultural activities to send workers, workers have become one of the province’s millions of workers’ gas station". As of the beginning of November, has completed 156 Random House employees this year, including the demonstration 7, provincial demonstration 50, grassroots enterprises built 99 points, an increase of 22.8% over last year.

in order to strengthen the construction of workers’ library, starting in 2009, the Provincial Federation of trade unions each year to invest in the construction of a special fund workers 500 thousand yuan, has invested $2 million 500 thousand. Up to now, the province has built 735 workers’ houses.


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