• USDA Hikes US Corn and Soybean Production in November Report

    first_img Facebook Twitter SHARE Suderman said the corn and soybean carryover levels will now keep a lid on prices and make it hard for the market to rally, “We are going to need some kind of weather event to turn these markets, and that is a long way off.”  Suderman was surprised at the USDA cut in ethanol exports, but felt other demand projections were in line. By Gary Truitt – Nov 11, 2015 According to USDA in its November crop report, corn production is forecast at 13.7 billion bushels, up less than one percent from the October forecast, but down 4 percent from last year’s record production. That forecast is 99 million bushels higher with the national average yield raised 1.3 bushels per acre to 169.3 bushels, just 1.7 bushels below last year’s record. Projected domestic corn use for 2015-16 is lowered 50 million bushels as a 25-million-bushel increase in expected feed and residual use, with the larger crop and lower expected prices, is more than offset by a 75-million-bushel reduction in corn used to produce ethanol. The reduced outlook for corn use for ethanol is driven by significant adjustments to the 2015-16 sorghum balance sheet this month.WHEAT: Projected U.S. exports for 2015-16 are lowered 50 million bushels to 800 million, and ending stocks are raised by an equal amount to 911 million. Exports would be the lowest since 1971-72; ending stocks are the highest since 2009-10. Wheat exports are lowered on a very slow pace to date and continued lack of U.S. price competitiveness. The projected range for the 2015-16 U.S. season-average farm price is narrowed 5 cents on both the high and low ends to $4.80 to $5.20 per bushel. Global wheat supplies for 2015-16 are lowered 0.2 million tons on decreased beginning stocks partially offset by a small production increase.SORGHUM: U.S. sorghum exports for 2015/16 are projected 105 million bushels lower. Declining premiums for sorghum offered by exporters and large price discounts for sorghum relative to corn in interior cash markets drive expectations for higher use in ethanol production and higher feed and residual use.SOYBEANS: Soybean production is forecast at a record 3,981 million bushels, up 93.6 million on higher yields. The soybean yield is forecast at 48.3 bushels per acre, up 1.1 bushels mainly on gains for Iowa, Illinois, and Minnesota. Soybean supplies are projected up 2 percent from the October forecast. Soybean crush is raised 10 million bushels to 1,890 million on higher meal exports. Soybean exports are also raised with additional supplies. Ending stocks are raised 40 million bushels to 465 million. If realized, ending stocks would be the highest since 2006-07.Corn and soybean futures went into the report trading lower, near technical support levels. The bearish numbers in the report pushed prices through those levels. Arlan Suderman, with F.C. Stone, told HAT the market was expecting higher production, but the numbers came in larger than most market expectations, “It is unfortunate that this bearish news comes at a time when the market is already in a bearish frame of mind.” SHARE “With the corn harvest nearly complete, we see clearly the incredible abundance American farmers can produce, but we also realize that this excellence does not always bring an equivalent economic reward,” said National Corn Growers Association President Martin Barbre, a farmer from Carmi, IL. “While we have sustainably produced a crop that can feed and fuel our growing world, market forces are negatively impacting the price which we will be paid. It is of the utmost importance that, during times such as these, we rededicate ourselves to NCGA’s ongoing efforts to stimulate demand for our growing crop.” Facebook Twitter USDA Hikes US Corn and Soybean Production in November Report Home Indiana Agriculture News USDA Hikes US Corn and Soybean Production in November Report Previous articleIndiana Corn Growers Condemn Misleading Attack Ad on Renewable FuelsNext articleMorning Outlook Gary Truittlast_img read more

  • Solar eclipse to bring shadows, curiosity to campus

    first_imgElizabeth Campbell Breakdown: Cambridge Analytica, information warfare Facebook Previous articleHoroscope: August 20, 2017Next articleTCU Men’s Basketball announces non-conference schedule Elizabeth Campbell RELATED ARTICLESMORE FROM AUTHOR Facebook + posts Linkedin CRES negotiates move to interdisciplinary unit amid student resistance Twitter Elizabeth Campbellhttps://www.tcu360.com/author/elizabeth-campbell/ printHistory will fill the sky while people fill the commons Monday to witness the first solar visible in the United States since 1979.The partial eclipse that is visible in Fort Worth will begin at 11:39 a.m. and slowly progress across the sun, ending at 2:38 p.m. The maximum eclipse, which will cover about 75 percent of the sun, can be seen at 1:08 p.m. – but viewers should be aware that looking directly at the sun without proper eclipse glasses could cause eye damage.The forecast for Monday calls for sunny skies all day, the ideal viewing of the eclipse, as a cloudy sky would prevent clear viewings of the sun. A decrease in temperature is also expected due to the shadow caused by the eclipse.Luckily the TCU’s College of Science & Engineering, Andrews Institute of Mathematics & Science Education, and Student Affairs will be hosting a viewing event in the campus commons from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. with games, snacks, and several safe ways to view the eclipse.Special viewing glasses will be distributed to everyone in attendance and five telescopes, each with a different filtered lens.Representatives from most colleges will be speaking at the event with booths available to provide information on how astronomy may relate to other fields of study.Kat Barger, an assistant professor of Physics and Astronomy, says the eclipse is more than an astronomical event, but a chance to find new interests.“Whenever you get introduced to science and you get to see how cool and neat it is, it can kind of give you the motivation to explore more that you want to know about the universe,” said Barger. “Look up and be curious.”If you can’t make it out to the commons to view the eclipse, NASA will be streaming live coverage of the event as it makes its way from coast to coast. Twitter TCU places second in the National Student Advertising Competition, the highest in school history Elizabeth Campbellhttps://www.tcu360.com/author/elizabeth-campbell/ The College of Science and Engineering Dean, Phil Hartman, retires after 40 consecutive years While Fort Worth is not in the path of totality for this eclipse, in 2024 another eclipse will travel across the United States, this time with the path of totality covering parts of Texas.Tweet @TCU360 with your best eclipse watching photos using #FWEclipse to potentially see your photos retweeted! WATCH: Former Chief of Staff for Obama talks Trump administration, Democrats, liberal arts education Elizabeth Campbellhttps://www.tcu360.com/author/elizabeth-campbell/ ReddIt Linkedin ReddIt Elizabeth Campbellhttps://www.tcu360.com/author/elizabeth-campbell/ Alumna joins ‘Survivor’ reality show in quest for a million dollars Elizabeth Campbell is executive editor of TCU 360 and a senior journalism and political science double major. When not in the newsroom, she’s thinking about the news while probably watching TCU football or being a history nerd. Send her a tip if you have a story to share! TCU Frog Camps returning to more traditional look this summerlast_img read more

  • Newspaper editor pardoned and freed

    first_img Follow the news on Kazakhstan Reporters Without Borders hails newspaper editor Igor Vinyavsky’s release today under an amnesty granted after the European Parliament adopted a resolution criticizing Kazakhstan for detaining him. The editor of the independent daily Vzglyad, he had been held for more than two months (see below).“His release is a victory and we welcome it,” Reporters Without Borders said. “But we will continue to be vigilant. The regime is still harassing journalists employed by Vzglyad and other independent media, such as Stan TV.”Vinyavsky was arrested on 23 January for allegedly distributing leaflets calling for an insurrection a year ago, a charge he has always denied.—–05.03.2012 – Newspaper editor Igor Vinyavsky still in prisonIn a show of support for Igor Vinyavsky, the editor of the Kazakh independent daily Vzglyad, who has been held for more than a month, Reporters Without Borders is publishing an interview he gave on 1 July 2011 in which he condemned his newspaper’s persecution in the courts and the government’s constant efforts to restrict access to online resources.Reporters Without Borders firmly condemns Vinyavsky’s arbitrary arrest on 25 January and calls for his immediate release.Vinyavsky’s detention is one more example of the dramatic decline in media freedom in Kazakhstan, which was ranked 154th out of 179 countries in the latest Reporters Without Borders press freedom index. The threats to independent journalists are growing. Several have been summoned for questioning by the National Security Committee (KNB), which harasses them constantly. Adilet journalist Jarkinbek Seitinbet received a beating in Shimkent on 25 February. US journalist Nathanael Shenkkan of Eurasianet.org was questioned at a police station in Uralsk on 27 February.———-Igor Vinyavsky, editor of the Kazakh independent daily Vzglyad Vzglyad is an independent weekly with a print-run of about 16,000 copies that covers politics, education, health and other social issues. According to its editor, Igor Vinyavsky, who has been detained since 25 January, its mission is to report the news, provide government opponents with an outlet for their opinions, cover human rights violations, defend ordinary citizens and remind them of their rights. After this interview, the Court of Cassation ordered his newspaper to pay a large fine on 8 August.“Our newspaper is the victim of judicial persecution”Reporters Without Borders: Vzglyad has been the target of various lawsuits this year in connection with stories it published. It has already been closed once as a result of a prosecution. Tell us what has happened this year to Vzglyad.Igor Vinyavsky: I have had personal brushes with our country’s judicial system in the past. I have had to appear several times in court in connection with my journalistic activities. My newspaper Vesti Pavlodara (Pavlodar News) was closed in 2004 as a result of a court ruling in favour of the plaintiff, a parliamentarian. The newspaper’s assets were seized and auctioned off. The parliamentarian had the paper closed because of a critical article he regarded as defamatory.Now it is our daily Vzglyad that is the victim of judicial persecution. That is the only term I can use to describe what is happening to us. This has shocked public opinion in Kazakhstan. Now our newspaper is being sued by a surgeon called Keldybayev, who deceived a patient and did not carry out the operation he was supposed to perform. He put his patient’s life in danger by not telling him the truth. When the newspaper described this case, the surgeon sued us for 15 million tenge (72,000 euros) in damages. It turns out the surgeon’s brother is a judge and the court handed down a terrible ruling for us. For revealing the surgeon’s lies, the newspaper will have to pay a sum that will inevitably bankrupt it. Our last recourse is to appeal to the Court of Cassation. If the ruling is upheld, the newspaper will cease to publish. (The ruling was upheld on 8 August.)“The Kazakh judicial system is above all a tool for harassing independent news media”Reporters Without Borders: What role does the judicial system play in Kazakhstan and how do you regard it?Igor Vinyavsky: I think the Kazakh judicial system is above all a tool for harassing the regime’s opponents and independent news media. The judicial system answers to the president, who appoints judges. The judiciary automatically sides with the government. No more than 5 per cent of criminal convictions are justified. The courts take the prosecutor’s side. As a rule, the verdict handed down by a court is a copy of the prosecutor’s conclusions. The courts do not even try to be even-handed. Nowadays they are like the “troikas” (special courts) of the Stalin era. The only difference is that people are not shot. The mechanism is the same in every other respect. The defendant is quickly found guilty, without much discussion.“Journalists have been trained to understand what subjects not to broadcast or publish”Reporters Without Borders: How would you describe the state of media freedom in Kazakhstan?Igor Vinyavsky: The situation is clearly better than in Uzbekistan and Turkmenistan. Our country has at least begun a move towards democracy. But compared with eastern Europe, we are not just 20 years behind. It is more like 40. For the past 20 years they have progressed and we have gone backwards. We are now living in what is virtually a totalitarian regime. Censorship exists in the form of self-censorship. Journalists have been trained to understand what stories cannot be broadcast or published for political reasons. Journalists’ rights are very limited. Journalists are subject to constant psychological pressure and physical violence. Two weeks ago, the journalist Alexander Baranov was attacked in Pavlodar. I know him personally. He is a professional who fears nothing. He has risked his life several times for his work.Reporters Without Borders: Do the media laws help to defend the media? Are they moving in the right direction?Igor Vinyavsky: I can say with certainty that the media law has been modified no fewer than seven times since 1995. It has become more complex but no amendment or addition has represented a real move towards liberalization. The procedure for launching a newspaper is just as complicated as before. Because of their lowly status, journalists cannot attend major political events without previously requesting permission. If an official or organization violates a journalist’s rights, they are never held responsible.I can say that the law on the media does not defend the media. It imposes constraints on them. Reporters Without Borders: Has the situation of freedom of expression changed since the last presidential election?Igor Vinyavsky: I don’t think it has changed. It is as bad as ever, above all because of the lack of political evolution in Kazakhstan. Nothing changes from one year to the next. (…)“Our government constantly tries to limit the public’s access to various online resources”Reporters Without Borders: What can you tell us about the Internet? Does it constitute a space where people can express themselves freely in Kazakhstan?Igor Vinyavsky: To some extent, yes. But our government constantly tries to limit the public’s access to various online resources. Access to LiveJournal a very popular blog platform in Russian-speaking countries] was blocked in Kazakhstan for more than a year. We are now in the second year of the political news website Respublika being blocked by the Internet service provider Kazakhtelecom.The social network Facebook poses a serious problem for the government. According to some of our sources close to the president’s office, the authorities are currently looking at the possibility of blocking Facebook because it has become a signpost for the revolutionary movements in the Maghreb. The Nazarbayev administration seriously fears the influence of social networks on the Kazakh collective consciousness. Television is controlled by the government and just broadcasts positive comments about Nazarbayev and his regime. But on the Internet, you can find alternative viewpoints and you can express your opinion.What’s more, it is only on the Internet that Kazakhs have access to the (independent satellite) TV station K+. This popular TV station shows what is really happening in Central Asia and Kazakhstan. It is broadcast freely by satellite in Europe but the satellite broadcasts are blocked within Kazakhstan and the station’s website has been the target of DDoS attacks. So the only possibility left is to watch it on YouTube.Reporters Without Borders: Of late, you have been harassed by the authorities and your rights have been flouted. Can you give us some examples from your personal experience of this sort of harassment?Igor Vinyavsky: Just over a year ago, the special services tried to falsely incriminate me in a trumped-up criminal case but, thanks to information passed to us from well-intentioned persons within the security apparatus, we managed to expose this and thereafter the provocations stopped.Then, on 21 June, I was the victim of a new provocation. I was supposed to catch a flight in the morning for Amsterdam and then Brussels, where I was to participate in a conference organized by the European Parliament on corruption in Central Asian countries. But I was not allowed through immigration and, on the insistence of airport officials, KLM cancelled my ticket. I was told that this was because my visa, a D-category national visa, was not valid in the Schengen-area countries.But I know that I was acting within my rights. My visa allows me to spend 90 days in any Schengen-area country. I had already gone to Brussels on the same visa without any problem. So I have decided to file a complaint against KLM and the immigration service, which is affiliated to the KNB (National Security Committee).Reporters Without Borders: What are the prospects for your newspaper’s survival? What will you do if the lawsuit goes against you?Igor Vinyavsky: It is hard to talk about prospects in our country, where there is no fair justice and the laws are not implemented. If all the lawsuits go against us, we will publish online and we will create an Internet project with the existing staff. Or we will publish the newspaper under another name (as the opposition newspaper Respublika did, for example]. Our staff is fantastic! October 30, 2020 Find out more Receive email alerts News News News March 15, 2012 – Updated on January 20, 2016 Newspaper editor pardoned and freed to go further Kazakh reporter accuses police of attacking her RSF_en center_img KazakhstanEurope – Central Asia Regional newspaper editor harassed after investigating real estate scandal News February 5, 2021 Find out more January 15, 2021 Find out more Reporters prevented from covering Kazakh parliamentary elections Help by sharing this information KazakhstanEurope – Central Asia Organisation last_img read more

  • Opposition journalist beaten up

    first_img News News September 7, 2020 Find out more UkraineEurope – Central Asia RSF_en March 26, 2021 Find out more to go further News Ukrainian media group harassed by broadcasting authority Receive email alerts Help by sharing this information center_img February 26, 2021 Find out more Follow the news on Ukraine November 29, 2004 – Updated on January 20, 2016 Opposition journalist beaten up News Reporters Without Borders today called for a rapid investigation into a violent attack on opposition journalist Hennadi Rybchenkov of the weekly Ukraina Tsentr on 25 November in the central city of Kirovograd by thugs who told him he should be writing articles in support of Prime Minister Viktor Yanukovych, the official winner of the 21 November presidential election run-off.”This attack was clearly motivated by Hennadi Rybchenkov’s work as a journalist,” the press freedom organisation said in a letter to interior minister Mykola Bilokon. “We demand a rapid and thorough investigation leading to the identification and punishment of those responsible.”Reporters Without Borders said there were an “extremely high” number of serious physical attacks on journalists every year in Ukraine. “The systematic impunity enjoyed by those responsible could become very dangerous for the entire press in the present political context,” it warned.The attack on Rybchenkov occurred when he returned home after covering a demonstration in support of opposition presidential candidate Viktor Yushchenko for his newspaper. Two men waiting outside his home shouted out his name and said: “Now you are going to write for Viktor Yanukovych.” They then beat him up and took his mobile phone.He managed to get inside his home before losing consciousness. He was hospitalized yesterday with cranial traumatism and many other injuries. An official investigation has been opened, but the police are not focusing on the political motives, Ukraina Tsentr editor Yuri Ilyuchek said.Rybchenkov has written many reports about electoral fraud in the Kirovograd area. In particular, he was very critical of the central electoral commission’s decision to annul the first-round results in a Kirovograd district where Yushchenko won.Along with his colleague Oksana Hutsalyuk and Ruslan Khudoyarov of the local news agency Komivoyager, Rybchenkov was previously attacked by thugs in the city’s central park a few days before the second round.Alexandre Danutsa, the news director of TV-Stymul and presenter of its news bulletin, was also violently attacked in Kirovograd on 18 November. UkraineEurope – Central Asia Crimean journalist “confesses” to spying for Ukraine on Russian TV Ukraine escalates “information war” by banning three pro-Kremlin media Organisation last_img read more

  • Tetra Tech Announces Planned Dates for Third Quarter 2014 Results and Conference Call

    first_img More Cool Stuff 10 recommended0 commentsShareShareTweetSharePin it Tetra Tech, Inc., today announced the planned dates for its third quarter 2014 results and conference call. On Wednesday, July 30, 2014, after market close, Tetra Tech intends to announce its third quarter 2014 results. On Thursday, July 31, 2014, at 8:00 a.m. Pacific Time, Tetra Tech plans to host a conference call to further present and discuss the Company’s financial results and forward outlook.Investors and other interested parties can access a live audio-visual webcast through a link posted on the Company’s website at www.tetratech.com . The webcast replay will be available following the call.About Tetra TechTetra Tech is a leading provider of consulting, engineering, program management, construction management, and technical services. The Company supports government and commercial clients by providing innovative solutions to complex problems focused on water, environment, energy, infrastructure, and natural resources. With 14,000 staff worldwide, Tetra Tech’s capabilities span the entire project life cycle.Any statements made in this release that are not based on historical fact are forward-looking statements.Any forward-looking statements made in this release represent management’s best judgment as to what may occur in the future.However, Tetra Tech’s actual outcome and results are not guaranteed and are subject to certain risks, uncertainties and assumptions (“Future Factors”), and may differ materially from what is expressed.For a description of Future Factors that could cause actual results to differ materially from such forward-looking statements, see the discussion under the section “Risk Factors” included in the Company’s Form 10-K and 10-Q filings with the Securities and Exchange Commission. Community News First Heatwave Expected Next Week Business: Retail News Tetra Tech Announces Planned Dates for Third Quarter 2014 Results and Conference Call From STAFF REPORTS Published on Thursday, July 10, 2014 | 11:53 am Get our daily Pasadena newspaper in your email box. Free.Get all the latest Pasadena news, more than 10 fresh stories daily, 7 days a week at 7 a.m. Pasadena’s ‘626 Day’ Aims to Celebrate City, Boost Local Economy Your email address will not be published. Required fields are marked * Name (required)  Mail (required) (not be published)  Website  EVENTS & ENTERTAINMENT | FOOD & DRINK | THE ARTS | REAL ESTATE | HOME & GARDEN | WELLNESS | SOCIAL SCENE | GETAWAYS | PARENTS & KIDScenter_img HerbeautyHe Is Totally In Love With You If He Does These 7 ThingsHerbeautyHerbeautyHerbeautyYou Can’t Go Past Our Healthy Quick RecipesHerbeautyHerbeautyHerbeauty8 Easy Exotic Meals Anyone Can MakeHerbeautyHerbeautyHerbeauty12 Most Breathtaking Trends In Fashion HistoryHerbeautyHerbeautyHerbeautyWomen Love These Great Tips To Making Your Teeth Look WhiterHerbeautyHerbeautyHerbeauty10 Sea Salt Scrubs You Can Make YourselfHerbeautyHerbeauty Top of the News Community News Subscribe Make a comment Pasadena Will Allow Vaccinated People to Go Without Masks in Most Settings Starting on Tuesday Business News faithfernandez More » ShareTweetShare on Google+Pin on PinterestSend with WhatsApp,Virtual Schools PasadenaHomes Solve Community/Gov/Pub SafetyPASADENA EVENTS & ACTIVITIES CALENDARClick here for Movie Showtimes Home of the Week: Unique Pasadena Home Located on Madeline Drive, Pasadenalast_img read more

  • Franklin Templeton Case: Supreme Court Approves Distribution Mechanism Of SBI Mutual Fund And SBI Funds Management

    first_imgTop StoriesFranklin Templeton Case: Supreme Court Approves Distribution Mechanism Of SBI Mutual Fund And SBI Funds Management Srishti Ojha9 Feb 2021 7:04 AMShare This – xThe Supreme Court on Tuesday approved the application filed by SBI Mutual Fund and SBI Funds Management Pvt Ltd, for placing on record the distribution mechanism proposed to be followed while distributing Franklin Templeton’s 9122 crores amongst its unit holders, under the six mutual fund schemes. The application has followed the top Court’s last order whereby it had directed…Your free access to Live Law has expiredTo read the article, get a premium account.Your Subscription Supports Independent JournalismSubscription starts from ₹ 599+GST (For 6 Months)View PlansPremium account gives you:Unlimited access to Live Law Archives, Weekly/Monthly Digest, Exclusive Notifications, Comments.Reading experience of Ad Free Version, Petition Copies, Judgement/Order Copies.Subscribe NowAlready a subscriber?LoginThe Supreme Court on Tuesday approved the application filed by SBI Mutual Fund and SBI Funds Management Pvt Ltd, for placing on record the distribution mechanism proposed to be followed while distributing Franklin Templeton’s 9122 crores amongst its unit holders, under the six mutual fund schemes. The application has followed the top Court’s last order whereby it had directed SBI Mutual Funds to undertake the distribution, dividing the amount amongst unit holders, in proportion to their respective interest in assets of scheme, as agreed by both Franklin Templeton Trust and SEBI. A division Bench of Justices Abdul Nazeer and Sanjeev Khanna issued the directions while hearing the plea by Franklin Templeton challenging a Karnataka High Court’s order which restrained winding up of six of its debt schemes without obtaining the consent of its investors by a simple majority. The Court has also approved the application for impleadment filed by SBI Mutual Funds and SBI Funds Management Pvt Ltd. The matter has been posted on 17th February 2021 for final arguments. The present application submitted that SBI Funds Management Pvt Ltd has been been appointed as Asset Management Company of SBI Mutual Fund, and SBI MF being a Trust, all its operations are being carried out by SBI Funds Management Pvt Ltd. “Accordingly, SBI Funds Management Pvt Ltd would take all steps to endeavour to distribute the amount of Rs 9122 Crore to the unit holders of the six mutual fund schemes of Franklin Templeton Mutual Fund in compliance with the order dated 02.02.2021 passed by this Hon’ble Court. SBI Mutual Fund and SBI Funds Management Pvt Ltd shall collectively be referred to as SBIMF in short” – the application read. Following the application, the Court has approved that SBI Mutual Funds be replaced with SBI Funds Management Pvt Ltd. in its last order 2nd February 2021. The Apex Court in its last hearing had directed that amount of 9122 crores that is cash ready with Franklin Templeton as on 15th January 2021 be distributed amongst the unit holders under the six mutual fund schemes. The Court was examining objections to the e-voting results to decide if disbursal or payment to the unit holders should be made. The Court had asked the Franklin Templeton Trust services and the asset management company to cooperate with SBI Mutual Funds in this regard and furnish to them entire data and details. The Bench had further directed the process to preferably be completed in period of 20 days from date of this order and has given liberty to the parties to can move an application and approach the Court in case of any difficulty in the process. In December 2020, the Supreme Court had allowed Franklin Templeton Trustees to call for a meeting of unit holders to seek their consent/approval. The top court had hauled up SEBI adding that it had a lot to answer for and why did it not intervene when unit holders started seeking redemption, much like how RBI intervened in cases of banks, to protect depositors. Franklin had stated that in May 2020, the trustees had sought a vote by unit investors for validly undertaking an orderly sale of the debt securities held in the funds and return money to Unit investors. However, the process could not be completed. It had stated that after judgement of High Court of Karnataka, it considered all possible options to start returning money to unit holders in the shortest possible time in an orderly manner. This included the option of seeking unit holder consent according to the judgment of the High Court. However, after detailed deliberations, it determined that it will be necessary to seek judicial intervention from the Supreme Court to ensure an appropriate implementation of the law in the best interest of unit holders. This action took some time because these steps needed to be carefully and thoughtfully taken to ensure that it can return unit holder monies at the earliest in an equitable manner, without distress sale of securities (at steep discounts) that would occur if there is a rush of redemptions. The Karnataka High Court had heard the petitions challenging the winding up of six debt fund schemes of the Fund House.While the court had refused to interfere with the decision of winding up the schemes, it had said that FT has to take the consent of the unit holders before taking further steps on the basis of the decision. “The decision of the trustees to wind up the six schemes is not interfered by the court subject to it obtaining consent from the unit holders”, the court had stated in the order. Franklin Templeton had in April announced its decision to wind up six debt funds citing low liquidity. Nearly three lakh investors are estimated to be affected by this decision. It was after this decision that some investors moved various High Courts. Petitions across High courts were clubbed by the Supreme Court vide an order dated June 24 in the transfer petition filed by Franklin Templeton seeking consolidation of various petitions filed with respect to the winding up of debt fundsNext Storylast_img read more

  • Teachers receive TroyFest ‘dollars’

    first_imgLatest Stories Sponsored Content TroyFest Chairman Rob Drinkard presented monetary awards to the teachers of the winners of the TroyFest Student Art Competition “Best of Show” awards at TroyFest 2013. Jennifer Lindsey, Troy Elementary School, received the awards for grades K-2 and 3-5. Pam Smith, right, Charles Henderson High School, received the awards for grades 9-10 and 11-12. Not pictured, Jennifer Sullivant, Charles Henderson Middle School, who received the award for grades 6-8.Rob Drinkard, chair of TroyFest 2013, presented check awards Tuesday to the teachers of the winners of the “Best of Show” awards in the 2013 TroyFest Student Art Competition.The teachers of the student winners in each grade division received checks in the amount of $100 to be used for art supplies in their classrooms.Jennifer Lindsey, Troy Elementary School, received the monetary awards for grades K-2 and 3-5. Jennifer Sullivant, Charles Henderson Middle School, received the monetary award for grade level 6-8 and Pam Smith, Charles Henderson High School, for grade levels 9-10 and 11-12. Book Nook to reopen Smith said that the students were exited to have their artwork displayed in an art gallery.“The Johnson Center allowed us to use the main gallery and the students were very impressed that their artwork was exhibited in a ‘real’ art gallery,” she said.Drinkard and Smith also expressed appreciation to all of those who visited the student art show in support of the talented young artists. Email the author Teachers receive TroyFest ‘dollars’ Remember America’s heroes on Memorial Day The Penny Hoarder Issues “Urgent” Alert: 6 Companies… By Jaine Treadwell Skip You Might Like Prayer breakfast Thursday Southside Baptist Church will host a Business Leaders Prayer Breakfast at 7 a.m. Thursday in the church fellowship hall. The… read more Plans underway for historic Pike County celebration Troy falls to No. 13 Clemson By The Penny Hoarder Smith, TroyFest Student Art Competition coordinator, said that students in grades K-12 in all area schools, public and private, were invited to enter the annual student art competition.The purpose of the TroyFest Student Art Competition is to encourage students to participate in the visual arts and also to encourage teachers to incorporate the visual arts into their courses of study, Smith said.“The student art competition is also a way that TroyFest can support our local programs with the art show and through the donations to the classroom teachers,” she said. “This year, more than 150 students took advantage of the opportunity to compete. There were several categories for entry, depending on the grade level. The categories included drawing, painting, sculpture, printmaking, photography and computer design.“In addition to the ‘Best of Show’ awards, ribbons were presented for first, second and third place in each category in each age division. So, there were a lot of winners.”Drinkard expressed appreciation to CGI and the Johnson Center for the Arts.“CGI donated the funds for the monetary awards and the Johnson Center provided the space for the art show,” he said. Published 11:00 pm Tuesday, May 21, 2013 Pike County Sheriff’s Office offering community child ID kits Print Article Around the WebMd: Do This Immediately if You Have Diabetes (Watch)Blood Sugar BlasterIf You Have Ringing Ears Do This Immediately (Ends Tinnitus)Healthier LivingHave an Enlarged Prostate? Urologist Reveals: Do This Immediately (Watch)Healthier LivingWomen Only: Stretch This Muscle to Stop Bladder Leakage (Watch)Healthier LivingRemoving Moles & Skin Tags Has Never Been This EasyEssential HealthTop 4 Methods to Get Fortnite SkinsTCGThe content you see here is paid for by the advertiser or content provider whose link you click on, and is recommended to you by Revcontent. As the leading platform for native advertising and content recommendation, Revcontent uses interest based targeting to select content that we think will be of particular interest to you. We encourage you to view your opt out options in Revcontent’s Privacy PolicyWant your content to appear on sites like this?Increase Your Engagement Now!Want to report this publisher’s content as misinformation?Submit a ReportGot it, thanks!Remove Content Link?Please choose a reason below:Fake NewsMisleadingNot InterestedOffensiveRepetitiveSubmitCancellast_img read more

  • Recruitment of Antarctic krill Euphausia superba inthe South Georgia region: adult fecundity and thefate of larvae

    first_imgThe high concentration of adult Antarctic krill Euphausia superba Dana around SouthGeorgia, Antarctica, is a product of immigration and not local recruitment. We investigated whetherreproduction and early larval development are the cause of local recruitment failure. It was foundthat the majority of adult females were reproductively active in summer and that there was a comparativelyhigh investment in the ovary, reaching up to 46% of the total wet weight of the krill. The correspondingegg batches were amongst the largest ever reported for E. superba. A semi-empiricalmodel predicted that 11% of females completed just 1 spawning episode per year, 60% completed 2,and 29% completed 3 or more. On average, a South Georgian krill released 12 343 eggs yr–1. Theeggs were unable to complete the descent–ascent developmental cycle on-shelf because the bathymetrywas too shallow but, off-shelf, they were predicted to sink to between 490 and 520 m andreturn to the surface either as a metanauplius or 1st calyptopis stage with plenty of energy reservesremaining. Feeding conditions were adequate for the development of later larval stages once thesereserves were exhausted. Although net surveys found calyptopis and early stage furcilia in the vicinityof South Georgia, numbers were mostly lower than predicted. Overall, reproduction or early stagedevelopment are successful in this region, leaving predation on larvae and advective export duringwinter as the main potential causes of local recruitment failure.last_img read more

  • Fired Maryland football coach D.J. Durkin offering input to Alabama coaching staff

    first_imgDecember 14, 2018 /Sports News – National Fired Maryland football coach D.J. Durkin offering input to Alabama coaching staff Written by FacebookTwitterLinkedInEmail33ft/iStock(TUSCALOOSA, Ala.) — Former University of Maryland football coach D.J. Durkin has been working with the University of Alabama coaching staff this week, ahead of the Crimson Tide’s College Football Playoff game.Durkin was fired by the University of Maryland in October after two investigations into the program — focusing on the death of offensive lineman Jordan McNair and the culture Durkin had created. Alabama head coach Nick Saban has invited a number of former head coaches to spend time with the Alabama staff in recent years, including Hugh Freeze, Chip Kelly, Lane Kiffin, Butch Jones, Steve Sarkisian and Rich Rodriguez. Freeze, Kelly and Kiffin all eventually received head coaching jobs elsewhere after working with Alabama, while Jones, Kiffin and Sarkisian each ended up on the Alabama coaching staff.Sources told ESPN that Durkin has not been hired in any capacity, and was solely offering input ahead of Alabama’s game against Oklahoma on December 29. ESPN also says Durkin has met with multiple NFL teams since his firing to “watch tape and offer input.”Copyright © 2018, ABC Radio. All rights reserved.center_img Beau Lundlast_img read more

  • Savills snaps up Buckinghamshire independent

    first_imgSavills is on the acquisition trail again after a three-month gap following its purchase of Marlow, Buckinghamshire independent estate agent Granville Residential, taking its number of offices in the UK to 90.The company last bought a rival when it snapped up single-branch agent Montague Evans Channel Islands based in Guernsey in January, and before that the purchase of the Smiths Gore mainly rural network of 31 branches for £40m in April 2015.Lettings specialistGranville Residential is a single-branch agent with a prominent branch position on the town’s West Street (pictured, above) and was founded in 1991 as a lettings-only specialist, like many of its kind it has subsequently gone on to offer sales too.The purchase will add to Savills network of offices in the area including existing branches in Windsor, Henley-on-Thames, Beaconsfield and Amersham.The purchase, Savills says, is part of push to invest in its lettings division, which is headed up by Jane Cronwright-Brown (pictured, below).“The branch will be rebranding entirely as a Savills branch and all its customers have been contacted to let them know about the change-over the Savills brand,” she told The Negotiator.“We are delighted to have completed on the purchase and very pleased to announce that the original team of five staff members will be joining Savills with immediate effect.“The firm has a very well established lettings operation and  its excellent reputation for advice and service dovetails perfectly with our ethos at Savills.”Jane says Savills will be acquiring businesses like Granville as and when the opportunities arise.Justin Marking, Head of Savills Residential, says: “This particular business also offers us the opportunity to increase our market share of sales in the Marlow area which has long been a target and I can see it working really well with our existing local offices.”Marlow Jane Cronwright-Smith Justin Marking Savills April 13, 2017Nigel LewisWhat’s your opinion? Cancel replyYou must be logged in to post a comment.Please note: This is a site for professional discussion. Comments will carry your full name and company.This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.Related articles Letting agent fined £11,500 over unlicenced rent-to-rent HMO3rd May 2021 BREAKING: Evictions paperwork must now include ‘breathing space’ scheme details30th April 2021 City dwellers most satisfied with where they live30th April 2021 Home » News » Savills snaps up Buckinghamshire independent previous nextSavills snaps up Buckinghamshire independentPurchase is part of drive to strengthen its lettings division locally and nationally.Nigel Lewis13th April 201701,498 Viewslast_img read more

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